Friday, March 10, 2017

A Postcard and A Surprise

Pete Dakota:  Hey, Benjamin!  We got a postcard from Daddy John while he's on his business trip!
Benjamin Roy:  That's good timing; he comes home today, too!  What does the postcard say?

Hi Benjamin Roy & Peter--
I miss you both very much!  My trip to Atlanta has kept me very busy, but I did manage to visit the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola museum.  I hope you're being good boys for Daddy Steve while I'm away.  I will see you soon!  When I get back, there's going to be a surprise for all of us!
Love, Daddy John

Benjamin Roy: What do you think the surprise is? Do you think it has anything to do with the package that came in the mail the other day?

Pete Dakota:  Do you think he will be home soon?  I don't see him anywhere.
Benjamin Roy:  Daddy Steve said his plane will land soon, so I guess it will still be just a little bit before he gets home.

Pete Dakota:  I hope it's soon. I sure miss him.


Angelo's Papa said...

Ohh, a surprise! I can hardly wait to see what it is!

Dee said...

How exciting that not only is Daddy Steve coming home from his business trip but he's also got a surprise for you boys!
I bet the time is dragging until his car turns in the drive!! I'm also looking forward to finding out just what surprise he has for you boys!

Dee said...

Oops I meant Daddy John , Daddy Steve's been rattling the box all week wondering whats in there! ;)

Gregor Daddies said...

So true, Dee. When it comes to patience, Daddy Steve is not the best at modeling good behavior!

NeverUschi said...

I see you got rid of the snow at last.
I love the photos of the boys at the window. The one taken fro the outside, with the reflection of the tall building, is very smart.

Gregor Daddies said...

Well, we got rid of the snow for a while. We just got about 5 inches last night. It has been a strange winter, with temps way above normal in February and now below in March.