Friday, March 3, 2017

Tea Time

Daddy Steve:  For quite some time now, Emile and Robin have been clamoring for a proper tea set.  They say that having tea is a time-honored activity for dolls (and teddy bears).

Robin: I believe it was A. A. Milne who said "A Proper Tea is much nicer than a Very Nearly Tea, which is one you forget about afterwards."

We already have some nice mugs which are fine for hot cocoa, but apparently not tea.  Or so I've been informed.

Emile:  Hmph.  Mugs, indeed!  >sniff<

After seeing all the lovely china our friends in Sasha Village have, I knew the boys could not be put off any longer.  So, we started searching on that magical genie, eBay.  The boys also requested that the new tea set not be too 'girly looking.'

Because Daddy Steve never does anything halfway (and to Daddy John's chagrin), we ended up with four sets.  

The first set we found was decorated with hunting scenes; it was about as manly a tea set as one is likely to find!

Tally ho!

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bit larger than anticipated.  It's even a little too big for Anthony.

Anthony: Good heavens!  If I drink all of this, I'll never get to sleep tonight!

The second set was new, but had a nice antique look to it.  We liked the colors and the shape of the tea pot.

Robin:  Shall I be mother?

Tea set number 3 was older and had a very toy-ish look.  Daddy Steve remembered sets just like this one from his childhood.  You could find them in any dime store.  Emile liked the bird decorations because they reminded him of the springtime.

Emile:  J'aime le printemps.

Tea set  number 4 turned out to be everyone's favorite.  You can't go wrong with classic Delftware!  Miguel particularly liked it as he is very fond of windmills.

Miguel:  It's just like the one in Don Quixote.

Robin and Emile are now quite happy with their accoutrements of gracious living.

Robin:  Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things.* 
Emile:  Indeed, mon ami.

*Chaim Potok


Angelo's Papa said...

As tea time experts, all my boys give 2 thumbs-up on the tea sets. You can never have too many sets, we believe. In fact, currently we have 75 antique tea sets (adult size) and we use a different each day for tea time. So, 4 is just a beginning. We always knew that you all had good taste and as such, would appreciate a proper tea time. I will close by advising that mugs are for soup, coffee and cocoa - never for tea!

Michelle said...

All 4 sets are beautiful but the Delfware set is just the pefect size for them.

Dee said...

We in the Sasha village believe one is never enough! 😀 And it's always best to have plenty to chose from. So,we love all your new tea sets.
Each set is lovely and very suitable for the masculine household with the Delphi set for when you may be entertaining a young lady or two, or for your more refined occasions .

Many an adventure as been planned over a nice afternoon tea,well in this household !

Triciamj said...

Thanks to Dee for the link to your site - your boys have wonderful taste. Tea may occasionally be drank from a mug, but it must always be from china/porcelain - never 'pot' ;-)