Friday, May 5, 2017

Garçon Dans Un Jardin (Boy In A Garden)

Daddy Steve:  The weather finally cleared up enough that Emile was able to go outside and check out the garden.  He admired the Trillium, which is just starting to bloom.

Emile:  C'est belle!

Not much else is blooming yet, except for the Vinca.

We do have some monstrous-sized Hostas that have started to poke up out of the ground.

Emile:  Très grand!

Emile also took the time to renew some acquaintances.

Emile:  Bonjour, Madame.  Comment allez-vous?

Emile:  Bonjour, Monsieur Apollo.  C'est une belle journée, non?


Dee said...

Lovely to see Emile out in the garden , in his very lovely jacket. Those Trillium's look lovely and the Hosta's look like they will be enormous!

I love your Statues, I hope you will share more photos when the weather improves and everything starts to flourish ! I love seeing other peoples gardens.

Gregor Daddies said...

Thanks Dee. It's really difficult to find nice traditional garden ornaments and statuary in the US. The goddess was one of a set of The Four Seasons, but I could only afford one season :-)

I love seeing photos of our garden too. It seems like a lot of Sasha folks are also gardeners as well.

Serenata said...

It is always good when the boys can get out into the garden again. Glad the weather is improving for you. Enile looks like he was pleased to be outside.

Vinca seems to flower almost all year round - does it spread like wild fire where you are like it does here? I love the colour, but every now and again I have to pull loads out to keep it in check.

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Lorraine -

The Vinca seems to spread where I don't want it, but never where I do want it. That seems to be a common gardener's lament with a lot of things ;-)

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Dee, I meant to say "I love seeing photos of YOUR garden too." Would love to see photos of MY garden, if it looked like yours ;-)

Angelo's Papa said...

Isn't springtime wonderful! Soon, all the boys will be playing outdoors and enjoying the sunny days. By the way, he's wearing a very stylish cardigan!

NeverUschi said...

Apollo is not very polite, looking lordly away from Emile. Just confront him with his photos in his winter wrapping...
But how wonderful to enjoy the garden again! Certainly there will be more flowers soon, and the lawn to play ball on, maybe build a tree house - put up a tent... lots of possibilities for boys!

DollMum said...

I hope you manage to keep the slugs and snails off the hostas. Emile's knitwear is very beautiful, it obviously isn't quite warm enough yet for shorts and t-shirts.