Friday, May 12, 2017

Vacation, Part 2: Gooseberry Falls

Daddy John:  Our next vacation adventure was stopping at Gooseberry Falls State Park.  Gooseberry Falls is a 'must do' for anyone traveling up to Duluth and along the North Shore.  My family spent many a Sunday wandering around the Falls when my sister and I were little.  Daddy Steve remembers stopping by there as well as a kid.

Pete Dakota and BR at the Upper Falls.  Where is Stephen Orange?

Here he is, getting some shade.

In front of the Middle Falls (there are 3 waterfalls along the Gooseberry River).

Stephen sure likes investigating the tree roots and little hollows.  He said he was looking for trolls.

And at the Lower Falls; the boys wanted to go wading, but the water was just too cold.  Later in the season, I promised them.

For more information on Gooseberry Falls State Park, go here: Official Website, or here: Wikipedia


Dee said...

Love the name Gooseberry falls! What great name for a place with such lovely scenery. Looks like everyone's having a good time.

Angelo's Papa said...

What a beautiful place to visit on holiday! I like the first photo a lot with the waterfalls in the background. I can't imagine that the water would every be warm enough for swimming.

Gregor Daddies said...

There are some hardy souls (fools?) who swim in the lake in the summer, but yes, it's too cold for Daddy Steve. He much prefers the hot tub at the hotel.

NeverUschi said...

I love waterfalls, so what a splendid place to visit! Are there any gooseberries nearby? And did Stephen find a troll and bring it home? You'll better find out, as they cause lots of trouble...

Serenata said...

There is something especially wonderful about waterfalls and we love to vvisit them. What a funny name for the falls though!