Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Walk Among The Spiders

Daddy Steve:  The calendar may say that spring is just around the corner, but the view out the window presents a far different reality.  It still looks a lot like winter where we live.

We're all eager to get outside, but we make do with what we have.  For Rolf and Paul, this means taking a little stroll around 'The Jungle': the kitchen window.  The two large spider plants do make it look a bit like a mini-jungle.  They're the only house plants that Daddy Steve has any success with.

Rolf is not a big fan of spiders, but Paul assures him that these spiders are nothing to be frightened of.

Rolf: Eeeek!  Spinnen!

Paul: Relax, Rolf, these spiders won't chase you around.  They the clean the air, too!

Rolf: Ah, das ist schön zu hören.
(Oh, that's nice to hear)


NeverUschi said...

I didn't know they are called spider plants, so I learned something new today!
Erik, who was a little puzzled when he read this post, says hi, and to Rolf: "Weiß nicht was du hast! Spinnen sind doch geil!"
I believe at least some of the girls in our house disagree!

NeverUschi said...

P.S.: Our garden looked just the same this morning!
And I love Rolf hopping onto the little tile pile.

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Ursula -

I think Mikko and Tyler would agree with Erik about spiders. They like to find spider webs in the yard when they are covered with dew. We all get a little freaked out when we find centipedes in the house though!

Dee said...

What's all this snow everywhere! I think Mother nature must have added a couple of extra weeks to her vacation this year! Because she's certainly not arrived down our way either!
All this snow and these bitter cold winds enough!

Poor Rolf, we do call things such strange names, which can be very confusing to a fellow! I'm not fond of spiders myself but do have a spider plant, which grow so well it's hard to actually kill them!

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Dee -

Yes, these two spiders actually started out as babies of another one that's managed to survive my negligent care for over ten years!


Kendal said...

I think that most of us at one time or another have had a Spider house plant. I've always found them easy to grow and enjoyed seeing how they grew their new little off shoots. So easy to transplate and start as another new little plant.

Love the boys interpretation of the Spider plant's name and how they have amused themselves indoors, when not being able to play outside due to the thick snow...something that, as a parent and ex-teacher, I find sadly lacking in today's generation of real kids.