Monday, May 28, 2018

Angelo Update: Cool and Comfortable

Daddy Steve: As predicted, Angelo's navy sweater did not last long.  Memorial Day weekend in our area often tends to be cool and rainy.  However, Saturday, the temperature in Minneapolis hit 94° F (34.4° C). 

The sweater looked completely absurd, so it simply had to come off.  Pulling tight clothing off over the head of an elderly brunette doll is not a task I particularly relish.  Angelo's hair seems to be good and stable, but who wants to tempt fate?  I carefully removed the sweater, stretching the collar as wide as I could.  Thankfully, not one hair was lost.  As a reward, I dressed him in a Dollydoodles outfit (the only one we own). 

If I were a Gregor, I think I would want to wear nothing but Dollydoodles in the summer as they seem so cool and comfortable (Daddy Steve is at an age where the balance tipped long ago from fashion to comfort).

Total comfort.  And the sandals finally look good.


Serenata said...

Comfort over fashion any day! These Dollydoodles outfits are just perfect for the boys, and lucky Angelo to be wearing the one you have. He looks very smart in it. My boys are still in their winter gear! Mind you it is pouring with rain today with lots of thunder, so that is their excuse.

DollMum said...

yay, he has been freed from those tight jeans and the hot sweater at last! Dollydoodles definitely a good choice, he looks good in his new outfit.

Dee said...

Dolly Doodles are perfect for the Gregor who wants comfort and a touch of fashion but of the classic kind. No showing of the mid drift unless intentional !

He looks lovely and cool and ready to face the warm weather ahead.

It's always a worry with a Brunette doll if the hair will stay where it's meant to be or suddenly appear in a pile at their feet with a stunned and teary eyed doll about to scream or faint! Sounds like Angelo's got a good head of hair.

Luckily I've never been a follower of fashion myself, comfort wins every time! :)

jenann said...

He looks both comfortable and fashionable. Well done for ditching the boring blues, Angelo! Those white sandals look perfect with this set. Long live the Dolly Doodles!

NeverUschi said...

Yes! That's the look!
Well done Angelo!

Kendal said...

Nothing quite like a Dollydoodle's outfit... whatever the weather!