Saturday, May 19, 2018


Daddy Steve: Robin is a very sweet boy, but sometimes he can go on a bit about his 'esteemed lineage.'

Robin: Have I mentioned that I'm royalty?
Mikko: Yeah.
Tyler: A bunch of times.
Robin: And that I'm supposed to have eyelashes?
Mikko: We know, we know.

Robin: I'm also a 'limited edition.'  Number 1300!
Tyler: Ha-ha!  Sounds like you're a train!  "Here comes old Number 1300 down the track!"

Robin: You guys are just jealous.
Mikko: Certainly not.  Everyone knows that thirteen is an unlucky number.
Tyler: Yeah, Robin.  You better watch out for any black cats crossing your path!
Robin (thinking to himself): Are they right?

That night, Robin hardly slept a wink.  All he could think of was his impending doom.

Robin: Yeeeeeeek!

The next morning...

Sasha: Robin, you look tired.
Robin: I couldn't sleep at all last night.
Miguel: What is wrong?
Robin: My edition number is thirteen hundred!  I'm doomed to bad luck.  I just know a black cat is going to cross my path any moment.
Sasha: Oh, that's just superstition.  Now, if Bigfoot crossed your path, well, that really would be bad luck!
Robin: It's no use.  I can't escape my fate.

Finally, Emile can stand no more...

Emile: >sigh< Oh, mon ami, you exhaust me!  Why do you speak of such foolish theengs?
Robin: Because I'm doomed!  I'm thirteen hundred! Everyone know that's an unlucky number!
Emile: Listen to me--thirteen is treize.  Thirteen 'undred ees one thousand three 'undred, or mille trois cents.  They are not even remotely ze same theeng.
Miguel: Sí, es la verdad.  You English speakers express numbers very strangely.
Robin: Hey!  You're right!
Emile: Well, of course I am.

Robin: Thanks, Emile.  I feel ever so much better now.
Emile: Not at all, mon ami.  You see, I am French, and a descendant of Voltaire.  It ees my duty to spread enlightenment whenever I can.


Julie said...

Thanks for the chuckle. Your boys are so sweet.

Dee said...

Thank goodness for Emile! Poor Robin would have been worrying himself into a right pickle but for the common sense of Emile.

It's strange how superstitious people can be ! The number thirteen and the poor black cat and it all depends on which part of the world you come from! In some places black cats are lucky! If they cross your path your supposed to benefit... then else where they'd call it a bad omen !

Personally I'm not superstitious.... I'm just off to help Paul.. oh a ladder best not walk underneath.. just to be on the safe side...

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

lol, poor, poor Robin laying in bed...he did look extremely concerned! Glad Emile could straighten him out.

NeverUschi said...

This post brightened my day! So good to have a boy like Emile in your family.
Greetings from Charlie, No. 1129, and he says, 11 certainly is a lucky number, but he has no idea what to do about 29!

Kendal said...

What an amusing post today. So true of life too.
We can all be quite upset about small things/facts that are said/mentioned amongst friends but which luckily can soon be put to rest/bed and then forgotten by the words of another more thoughtful/caring friend.