Saturday, June 2, 2018

Farmer McGregor

Daddy Steve: Here in our garden at Gregoropolis, everything is growing very nicely (including the weeds).  It has inspired Giancarlo to do a bit of gardening himself.

Giancarlo: I would like to grow some fresh herbs like basil and parsley.  I wonder if anyone would like to help me?

Giancarlo: Say Wyatt, do you have a green thumb?
Wyatt: No, but I have a green shirt!
Giancarlo: Close enough, I guess.

Predictably, Emile must add his opinion.

Emile: You should also plant French herbs like ze chervil and tarragon, to make le sauce Béarnaise.
Giancarlo: Go plant yourself.

Giancarlo: Okay, we have seeds here for basil and Italian parsley.
Wyatt: What will use them for?
Giancarlo: Fresh herbs are so much better than dried.  Fresh basil is wonderful on pizza and bruschetta.  Parsley is good in many different things.
Wyatt: Mmmm, I like pizza!

The boys get to work planting.

Giancarlo: We need to till the soil so it's nice and loose.

Giancarlo: The seeds shouldn't be planted too deep; just barely covered with soil.
Wyatt: Like this?
Giancarlo: Yes, exactly.

Giancarlo: Now we keep them watered and wait for the plants to come up.
Wyatt: This is exciting!


Dee said...

So by Giancarlo's workings , if your wearing green you can garden ! I wonder if I can get all my children to put some green on and then drag them outside to help with the weeding?

Giancarlo and Wyatt have done a good job planting their herbs. Fresh herbs will be lovely for using later once they get big enough.

Those French do like to give everyone advice and I love Giancarlo's response , I know I should not laugh.... but I did :))

Kendal said...

Just adore seeing children enjoying nature as they should.
Looking forward to seeing the results and then them being put to use in the kitchen. I'm afraid that they only herb that I now grow here is mint to have with our new Cheshire potatoes.

NeverUschi said...

A green shirt certainly helps, but I love their gardening equipment - and it will help even more!
I sowed red basil into one of my tomato pots. I hope it gets up!

twizel said...

love seeing the boys out and about. Its always good to see them helping out in the garden, can't wait to see what they produce.