Saturday, June 9, 2018

Something's Up...

Daddy John:  My three boys are generally well-behaved.

L to R: BR, Pete Dakota, and Stephen Orange

But, like all boys of a certain age, they sometimes need reminders to finish their chores.  Several reminders, in fact.

However, I noticed this week's chores were done without me having to utter a single word.

Benjamin Roy took Annabelle for her walk...

BR: Don't eat the flowers, Annabelle!
Annabelle: >Boof<

Pete Dakota made his bed...

Pete Dakota: Anthony asked me if I was doing hospital corners. I told him to stop being silly; we live in a house!

...and Stephen Orange not only set the dinner table, he volunteered to make dinner!

Stephen Orange: I'm making chicken hot dish and using Grandma's recipe.

Call me a suspicious daddy, if you must...then it struck me.  I haven't decided on whom I'm bringing along to the 2018 Sasha Festival yet.  I think each one is angling to be my companion!  


  1. Why not bring all three - each one can have a day at the festival then they will all be happy and you'll get to show off all three boys.

  2. Ha ha, there always has to be a reason about sudden good boys also used to suddenly get all affectionate when they wanted something too...

    Sounds like DollMum has a good solution!

  3. I love DollMum's idea of bringing all these three charming lads since they are trying to be so good and helpful without your reminders.


  4. John,You know you won't leave one'd just spend all the time feeling guilty and then you won't be able to enjoy all the lovely dolls, crafts,buying and people you are about to meet up with.

    But maybe don't tell them just yet..give them a change to do a little more tidying and good behavour, you know it will all vanish as soon as you return home, enjoy it while you can ;)

  5. m
    I really should check what I write before I press send. Give the a Chance not change! and I forgot to say I love your brick path in your garden and the stone pot at the side :)

  6. wow, sounds like you have it made...wouldn't it be nice to have something to hold over their heads all the time?! lol! I think you should bring them all, too, but like Dee said, don't tell them yet. Might as well get the most helpful behavior you can!

  7. I think they all deserve to go, well done boys for doing your chores