Friday, October 5, 2018

Gotz School

Anthony: All right, class, it's time for mathematics.  Today we are going to talk about inequalities.  Please observe: five is less than seven, but five is greater than three.  Rolf, what is three to nine?

Rolf: Umm, umm...ooh, it is so hard!

Anthony: Think about it this way, Rolf.  Imagine the symbol is like a crocodile's open mouth.  Now, a crocodile is always going to want to eat the biggest thing, so the 'mouth' will always be 'open' to eat the larger number, you see?

Rolf: Crocodile?!  Where?!?
Paul: Climbing up your leg.


Rolf: Oh!  You scared me!
Paul: I'm sorry, Rolfie.
Rolf: >sniff, sniff< ... Well, it's okay...

Anthony: All right, all right, everyone.  Let's all settle down now.  Gino, can you tell us the answer?

Gino: I think first we must talk about the crocodile and why he is being so greedy.  Does he not care that other crocodiles may go hungry because he wishes to eat all the numbers himself?

Anthony: >Sigh<  This is going to be a long year.


Dee said...

Ha ha ha ha love this ! Big numbers ! small numbers ! greedy croc's poor Anthony .. it will be a long year

Ginger said...

Another clever and fun post! Hang in there Anthony. These handsome and bright lads need you! 😊 xxx

Kendal said...

Just can't get enough of these posts of yours! MORE please!
Just LOVED it! Wish that I had known all about the dragon's mouth symbol when I was at school. It might well have helped!