Friday, October 12, 2018

Take Your Gregor To Work Day

Daddy John:  Pete Dakota wanted to see where I work, so asked if he could join me in the office today.  Although I told him it wasn't very interesting and he might get bored, he persisted.  He had a shirt and tie picked out, but I'm afraid I disappointed him when I said I don't wear a tie.  In fact, because it's Friday, we are allowed to wear jeans in the office.

He replied with a subdued "Mmmf," and we settled on a nice button-down shirt and jeans for him.

First things first.  We arrived at my office building and hung up our jackets at my cubicle...

Pete wandered around to get the lay of the land.  One nice thing about having a bit of seniority: I get a window in my cube!

Pete Dakota: How high up are we?
Daddy John: We're on the 9th floor.
Pete: Wow.
Daddy John: You know what they say: 'The higher the floor, the closer you are to heaven.'
Pete: Huh?
Daddy John: Never mind, buddy.

Pete: You sure have a lot of papers on your desk.

Pete: Three computer screens?  Boy, Stephen Orange would love a set-up like this!  He could do all sorts of research on his fish.

(Stephen Orange wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up)

Pete: You have a very nice cubicle, Daddy John.
Daddy John: Thanks, buddy.

Pete: That's a messy drawer.
Daddy John: Hey!  Get out of there!

I had to run to a brief meeting, so Pete kept himself busy by sketching out some future painting project ideas.  I heard much mumbling & grumbling coming from his direction.

Finally, 4:00pm.  Quittin' time!

Pete: Bye, cubicle!  Is it Happy Hour now?


Dee said...

How lovely that Pete got to spend time with Daddy John at his office. He looked very smart/ casual in his denim and checked shirt.

Of course Pete Dakota had to inspect everything including the drawer ! Pete next time get the things out so we can see just what Daddy J keeps there to see him through a working day!

Looks like Pete Dakota had a great day , I can only see one problem that may arise from his visit.... that Stephen Orange will be wanting three screens like Daddy John once Pete's told all the family what he saw at the office !
That's of course providing Daddy John didn't take him to Happy hour and now he remembers nothing........

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

He's pretty savvy to figure out that happy hour is the best part of going to work!! He did some nice'll have to put them up on your cubicle wall!

Ginger said...

Wonderful to take Pete to work. I took my kids to work with me several times over the years of working and spent my share of time in a cubicle too. I also managed to bring in a Sasha or two to share with coworkers. I love your three screens and your utility drawer. We all have at least one drawer like that where all the neat stuff goes. Pete was sure to find it. 😊 xxx