Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Christmas Mystery

Anthony:  <grumble, grumble>  Daddy Steve, how is it that the Christmas lights can get so tangled up after just sitting in a box all year?  <grumble, grumble>


Henry Holiday said...

Oh we all know that feeling! It is indeed a mystery...I am sure it is little sprites that like to cause mischief and they tangle them all up while they are in storage...of course then is the problem of making sure all the bulbs work as well!

NeverUschi said...

How good Patrick rounded up someone to help decorating.
We clip our lights on a piece of cardboard when storing them away, but as soon as we unclip them, they get tangled! So it must be something they do when they feel Christmas is near.

Angelo's Papa said...

It's the same for a newly-wound skein of knitting wool. How does the strand inside get tangled-up just sitting there?? Good luck getting that string of lights into proper order!