Sunday, December 4, 2016

Deck The Halls

Daddy Steve:  Here in Gregoropolis, some of the boys approach the holidays with a greater sense of urgency than others.

Patrick: What are you guys doing?!
Tyler: Mikko and I are reading comics.
Frank: I was thinking about eating this cupcake
Patrick: Guys, it's December 4th!  Christmas is only 21 days away!  We have to get busy!

Patrick: There's lots of decorating to do: wreaths and garlands and red bows to put up.
Frank: Red bows.  Check.

Patrick: We need to send Christmas cards to all of our friends.
Frank: Christmas cards.  Check.

Patrick: And the wrapping!  We have so much to wrap!
Frank: Wrap, wrap, wrap.  Check.
Patrick: You guys get started while I make a list of ingredients we need for all the holiday baking.
Frank: Baking.  Check.

Mikko: Wow, I never realized how hectic the holidays can be.
Frank:  What was Patrick talking about?


NeverUschi said...

Relax! Almost three more weeks to go - that's a lot of time.
Of course, if Patrick has to do all the work on his own, it might be a short time span...

SimplySasha said...

I love Patrick! Handsome and helpful!

Serenata said...

They are busy boys indeed! I'm sad to say the boys here tend to leave the decorating up to the girls! Hmm...perhaps I need to remedy that!