Saturday, December 24, 2016

...All Through The House

Daddy John:  Christmas Eve!  All the hustle & bustle of the week has subsided and a calm reigns in our house.  Most of the boys have gone to sleep; dreaming of Santa and presents.  A few are still up, however...

Anthony and Sasha are having one last mug of hot chocolate before bed.

Sasha:  I wonder what our friends in New Zealand are doing tonight?
Anthony:  It's already Christmas Day there.  They've probably opened their presents by now.

Kaveh and Giancarlo are playing train.

Giancarlo:  Toot! Toot!  The Christmas Express is bringing our presents from Santa!

Patrick is setting out apples and carrots for Santa's reindeer, while Miguel has treats for the jolly old elf himself.

Miguel:  Do you think Santa will like milk with his cookies?
Daddy John:  I think 'Santa' would rather have a cold beer.
Daddy Steve:  You're getting coal in your stocking, Daddy John

Benjamin Roy and Pete Dakota are snuggled up in front of the tree; admiring the lights and quietly sharing Christmases past and their hopes for Christmases future.

Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth from Gregoropolis


Serenata said...

A very Merry Christmas to you all. Hope you have a lovely day and that the boys enjoy themselves... but first they need to go to sleep! 😉

Angelo's Papa said...

Happy Christmas to everyone in Gregoropolis! We've a jump on you as it's Christmas Day here. Santa has been and is on his way around the globe to your house. The prezzies have been opened and now we are about to sit down to our "roast beast" with the Whos in Whoville. All of us enjoyed reading about your Christmas Eve and thank you for sharing your story. Peace and Good Will to everyone!

Anonymous said...

A Merry Christmas to you, your loved ones and the dolls!

SimplySasha said...

Best wishes to you all!