Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Daddy Steve:  This weekend I baked some holiday cupcakes for my co-workers.  Frank was very keen to help.  Initially, the idea of letting Frank help me bake cupcakes seemed as wise as recruiting a fox to guard the hen house.  I wondered if we would have anything to show for our efforts.  However, when he turned those big brown puppy dog eyes on me...well, how I could say no?  Turns out he was an excellent little helper.  He even reminded me to add a critical ingredient that I forgot (Daddy Steve can be scatter-brained this time of year).

Frank:  May I lick the beater when we're done?

Frank:  I want to give each one a yummy coat of frosting.

Daddy Steve:  We finished the cupcakes off with some decorative pixies I found online.  They have a very 1950's retro look.  Frank calls them the "Christmas Goblins."

Frank:  Don't you go hoppin' off!

Frank:  All done, Daddy!  I can have one now, right?


Angelo's Papa said...

For all that work, Frank deserves at least one cupcake!

Serenata said...

They look very festive cupcakes indeed, what a great little helper Frank was and what fabulous pixie decorations!

NeverUschi said...

Yummy! The pixies are amazing.

Anonymous said...

You're co-workers are so lucky! The cupcakes look delicious - love the little elves!