Friday, August 9, 2019

A Fine Summer Day

Daddy Steve: It's a picture perfect summer day here in Gregoropolis; the kind of day we would like to last forever.  In May, the season seemed to stretch on ahead of us with no end in sight.  However, it's now August already and we're all beginning to feel that the summer is starting to slip away.

Blake, Mikko, and Tyler woke up this morning determined that they were going to really make this day count...

Blake: You guys, I can't believe how fast the summer is going.
Mikko: Before you know it, it will be over.
Tyler: We have to seize the moment and do something!
Blake: Something amazing!
Mikko: Something epic!
Tyler: But what?

The boys decided to find out what some of the other Gregoropolis residents were getting up to.

Patrick: We're going to the art museum.
Ravi: And then we're going to write a paper on the things we saw.
Tyler: A paper?!  But school hasn't even started yet!
Patrick: We know; we just like to write papers.
Ravi: Would you care to join us?
Mikko: Thanks, but I think we'll pass.

Mikko: I really like those guys, but they're so weird!
Tyler: It's just a phase; they'll grow out of it.

James: We're going bird watching!
Ann Marie: That's why we're dressed like this.

Blake: What kind of birds?  Ostriches? Emus? Cassowaries?
Ann Marie:  No; robins, cardinals, and blue jays.
James: And if we're lucky, maybe orioles!

Anthony: We're taking the dogs to the dog park.
Tyler: What do you do there?
Uli: Ve stand around und talk to der people vhile der dogs run around.
Mikko: What do you talk about?
Anthony: Mostly about the dogs.
Sebastian: And sometimes the dogs talk about us.

Tyler: Hmmm, there's certainly not much 'epic' going on around here.
Blake: I think sometimes it's not what you do, but how you do it.
Mikko: And who you do it with.

Sometimes the best way to make the most of the day is by not doing much of anything at all.


Dee said...

Goodness everyone is so busy at Gregoropolis, going to museums and then writing papers, going bird watching, walking the dogs and gossiping.. I mean chatting ! I'm with Blake, Tyler and Mikko it truly is not what you do but how you do it or who with.
Now id only it wasn't blowing a gale here I'd be tempted to go rest in the garden myself !

Serenata said...

Ha ha, I like the 'Not doing anything at all'...which is very apt for this weekend, (our end of August Bank Holiday) as it is so very warm indeed! Love the bird watching outfits very much indeed. I hope they got to spot a lot of birds.