Saturday, August 24, 2019

Wrap Party, Part 1

Daddy Steve: If you've ever watched the TV program This Old House, you know that at the end of every renovation project there's a 'wrap party.' 

Holly Belle has decided to throw a wrap party to celebrate the recent redecoration efforts here at Gregoropolis.  She wanted to thank all who helped, especially John Martin.

Holly Belle: You know, I did sort of boss him around a bit.
Kaveh: Perhaps just a little...

Giancarlo, Angelo, and Gino offered to help with the food and refreshments.

Giancarlo: Si!  Naturalmente, signorina, we would love to help!
Angelo: Uomini italiani are very good in the kitchen.
Gino: È vero! It's true! Look at Chef Boyardee.

Holly Belle then decided to bake a special cake.

Giancarlo >ahem<   You are going to follow a recipe this time?
Holly Belle: Oh yes, of course.  Although that does stifle my creativity.

After much hustling and bustling in the kitchen...

Holly Belle: Well!  This all looks very delicious!  And, my cake is finished.  Would you like to see it?

Giancarlo: Wow!  That's the most impressive cake I have ever seen.  
Angelo: A true masterpiece!
Gino: Brava, signorina!

Frank: Did somebody say cake?
Holly Belle: Yes, Frank, but you can't have any until the party.
Frank: What are we waiting for?!  Let's get this party started!


Serenata said...

Oh my, that is a delicious looking cake you have made there Holly Belle! I bet the party is going to be fabulous.

Dee said...

We loved this old house! And a wrap party is ace! Love that you all helped to prepare the goodies and Holly Belle That is a cake par excellent !
We'll be there by 12 don't start without us..... ;)

Dee said...

Oops that should be Par excellence.. should check before pressing the button... but we'd miss our flight...

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

hi, guys, lets see if your commenting is fixed!!

Gregor Daddies said...

Hi Marti -
Looks like it's fixed!