Saturday, August 31, 2019

Wrap Party, Part 2

Daddy Steve:  The wrap party for our recently completed redecoration project is in full swing.  Come join us!

Kurt: We should redecorate more often it means we get to have fondue!
Gavin: I agree!

Everyone is impressed with the new look.

Robin: What a lovely paint color.
Daphne: We were going for a fresh but sophisticated look.

Holly Belle: I think the wallpaper has a very 'William Morris' vibe, don't you?
Meghan: Oh yes, definitely.
Ulli: Ja, ja, very Villiam Maus.
Luke: It's so smooth...

Ulli, Meghan, and Holly Belle: LUKE!  DON'T TOUCH THE WALL!

The old family photos proved to be very popular.

Daisy: Here I am with Sasha M.  I look so good in pink.  It's really my color.
Nathan: But it's a black and white photo?!?
Daisy: Well, yes, but still...

I don't know about your family, but every time we look at old photos it inevitably leads to debates over who is actually in them.

Tyler: There I am, next to the plain girl.
Charles: That's actually me.  You were misbehaving that day, and Sara made you go sit in the corner.
Valerie: >Hee-hee< Some things never change.

Duncan: That's me there.
Angelo: I'm afraid you're mistaken.  That's definitely me.  I still have that sweater.
Miguel: Los sientos, mis hermanos, but it's really me.  The moths, they ate the sweater a long time ago but I still have the jeans.

Holly Belle: John Martin, how about laying some floor tile?  I really think we could do that...
John Martin: Hmmm, uh, you know, my joints have been feeling rather stiff lately.  I might have to go down to Dr. Pat's spa for a while.

Daphne: Frank, what do you think of the new decor?
Frank: >chomp, smack, chomp, nom, nom<  Tasty! Very tasty!


Serenata said...

A great Sunday morning read hearing about their antics and debates over who is in the photos...made me chuckle. Good to see them all enjoying the party.

Dee said...

Looks like the party is going grand!I agree the new wallpaper does indeed have a William Morris feel to it.
Loving the fondue set which is the perfect size ! Frank looks like he's having a wonderful time :) and that fabric of robin's shirt is ace.

My kids are sulking because due to the pilots strike their plane was cancelled and then it was too late to get there! I've promised them an adventure as soon as I can get the time...well that's just made them worse !
Have a great September Gregoropolites.

Triciamj said...

Love the redocoration - such clear colours. The family photos are brilliant - and when the family ressemblance is so strong it can be very difficult to work out who is who!