Sunday, October 2, 2016

Daddy Bought Me A Bow-Wow!

Benjamin Roy:  Oh, I am so excited!  Daddy John bought me a little dog!  He said he never had one as a boy, but always thought a boy should have a dog.  I am to take care of her: walk her, feed her, clean up after her and all that.  I promised I would do my best.  We went outside right away and she already knows how to ask for pats and play fetch!  She's a beautiful apricot-colored poodle and I just love her.

Hello girl!  Aren't you pretty!

I'm going to name you Annabelle.

Okay, girl, get ready to get the bone!

What a good girl!

A boy and his dog.


NeverUschi said...

A boy definitely needs a dog! (A girl too, of course.) You'll have a lot of fun with that sweet little poodle.

Henry Holiday said...

Dogs are great, so glad Daddy John bought you one. My dogs name is Humphrey 😊 They are such good companions.