Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sweets For My Sweets

Anthony: Daddy John decided we had been good boys all week, so for a special weekend treat he brought home candy fruit slices!  There were enough slices for everybody, so we each got one.

Anthony: Don't they look yummy?

The boys all sitting nicely at the table, with their napkins and drinks

Anthony reminds everyone to use their napkins and wait until everyone is seated before choosing a candy fruit slice.

Miguel:  Oh boy!  ¡Me gustan los dulces!

Anthony: This candy is delicious.  I've got lemon.  What flavors have you guys got?

Kaveh:  This is green!  I mean, lime!

Miguel:  No sé.  I think it might raspberry?

Sasha:  This is definitely orange.  My new favorite!

Anthony:  Daddy John sure knows how to treat us right.  I think we will be extra careful to be good from now on!  The other boys are out in the backyard running around, working off their candy.  It'll be our turns soon!


NeverUschi said...

The boys look like they are VERY good - so handsome, and so well behaved!
I love Anthony's shirt! Wish I could do such a perfect fit - always struggling with the fiddly collars...

Steve said...

Thanks Ursula! I got Anthony's shirt from a seller on Etsy. She only makes clothes for Kidz N Cats dolls (Anthony is about the same size as a Kidz N Cats doll). I eventually want to learn to sew some basic things for the boys (subject for a future post), but I know that a dress shirt will never be within my abilities. The boys do try very hard to be good.

Angelo's Papa said...

We love candy fruit slices! That's a great photo of Antonio. It's fun to see the tree in the back garden turning colour when ours are just putting on their new leaves.

Steve said...

Thanks Jesse! The peach flavor ones were especially delicious. The leaves were slow to turn at first, but now they are turning (and falling) very quickly.