Monday, October 24, 2016

Steve's Red Sports Car

Steve: It gives me great pleasure to introduce Patrick, the newest resident of Gregoropolis.  He was a bit of a splurge; I turn 50 today, so he was a 'Happy Birthday to me' present.  Surviving for fifty years is no small feat and I thought it merited something significant.  Some guys deal with middle age by getting themselves a red sports car; I got myself a red-headed Gregor.  I think Patrick is a beautiful doll and I'm crazy about him.  I'm still learning about is personality, but so far I can tell you he's a very serious and studious boy.  He wants to learn about everything and says that he's going to be a 'genius' when he grows up.  He's also just a tiny bit impatient.

Wearing the outfit he arrived in.  I wasn't about to tell him that his 'shirt' is actually a girl's backwards blouse.

Just look at that handsome face!

A change of clothes after a long trip always feels good.

Patrick:  Hello everyone; it's awfully nice to meet you!  I'd love to stay an chat, but there's so much to do--books to read, things to learn.  Playing, running, exploring!   Come along, Daddy, what are we waiting for?


Serenata said...

Oh he is a stunner Steve, congratulations both for his arrival and your birthday today. Mine for this age is next year...although I still say I am 36!

He looks like he is ready to play.

NeverUschi said...

Happy birthday Steve! And congratulations to your new family member. Patrick is such a handsome boy - who needs a sports car?
I found the number 50 difficult to deal with, but now I survived it for more than 2 years, so: hang on and have fun!

Angelo's Papa said...

Happy birthday, Steve! I think Patrick is a much better gift than a car - even a red sports car!

SimplySasha said...

Many Happy Returns...and what a marvellous gift your new boy is <3