Thursday, October 20, 2016

Halloween 2016, Part 2

Pete Dakota:  Hi, BR!  Look what I've got!  Daddy John found us some jack o'lantern buckets for trick-or-treating!  I bet we get lots of candy!  Have you thought about our costumes?
Benjamin Roy:  Hi, Pete.  Those buckets are pretty nice.  I've had lots of ideas for costumes!

BR:  One of us could go as Batman
Pete:  I am the night!

BR:  A motorcycle gang member.
Pete:  Oooooooh!

BR:  A baseball player.
Pete:  We're gonna win Twins!

BR:  There's Superman.
Pete:  Up, up, and away!

BR:  Or a couple of hipster dudes.
Pete:  Ummmmm


SimplySasha said...

How good does this boy look...I am loving the BIKER LOOK :)

NeverUschi said...

These pumpkin buckets are so cute! I bet the boys will get them filled to the brim.
I love the biker look, too.