Sunday, October 9, 2016

Surrendering Summer

Daddy Steve:  Autumn has definitely arrived in Gregoropolis.  It was pretty brisk outside yesterday, and it's time to start pulling out our heavier clothes.  However, no little boy ever wants to give up wearing shorts.  It would be like surrendering the summer.

Giancarlo, Mikko, and Tyler decided they are not giving up without a fight.  We found them in the backyard kicking the soccer ball around and trying vainly to look like they weren't freezing.  Come on boys, time to come inside and put long pants on.

Giancarlo: Andiamo!  Get ready, amici!

Mikko: Here it comes Tyler!
Tyler: No way, dude, you're not getting past me!


Serenata said...

Definitely getting cooler here as well but us lads don't want to change a moment too soon especially when busy playing!


SimplySasha said...

How handsome is your blonde boy Steve <3

Steve said...

Thanks, Mikko is a cutie! He's a 1972 puddle eyed boy. But don't let those dreamy blue eyes fool you; he can be a handful. As he explains, he doesn't mean to cause trouble, but things just 'happen'.

NeverUschi said...

Here it's getting cooler too - but my boys are reluctant to give up their shorts. I'm trying to persuade them one by one...