Monday, October 31, 2016

Trick-or-Treat! (Halloween 2016, Part 4)

Steve: It's Halloween and everyone is excited.  John has taken Benjamin Roy and Pete Dakota out trick-or-treating;  Anthony is manning the front door, ready to pass out candy; and the other boys are sitting upstairs, watching a monster movie (against my better judgment).

Anthony:  It's been a slow evening so far.  The rain could be keeping kids inside tonight.

Anthony: This 'Headless Horseman' is a cracking good story!

Sasha: Hi Anthony.  Can I sit down here with you and pass out candy?
Anthony: Hello Sasha, of course you can.  I thought you were watching a movie with the others.
Sasha:  I was, but I got, um, a little scared.  It was about b-b-Bigfoot and I don't want to watch any more.

Sasha: Aahh!  It's Bigfoot come to get me!  No, don't open the door, Tony! 
Anthony: Don't be silly, Bigfoot doesn't even live in Minnesota.
Sasha: No!  He's come to take me away!  Don't open it!
Anthony: Bigfoot wouldn't ring the doorbell, now would he?

Benjamin Roy and Pete Dakota:  Trick or treat!

BR: (deep voice) I'm Batman!
Pete Dakota: I'm a bird, I'm a plane, I'm Superman!

SashaOh, I'm so glad it's you guys!
AnthonyYou guys look great, those are awesome costumes! Did you get lots of candy?
BR: Oh yeah, we did very well.
Pete Dakota: We had a lot of fun!  There were some kids with really great costumes!

Sasha: Whew!  I feel so much safer knowing that the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader are watching the house.  Bigfoot wouldn't dare show his big face around here!


SimplySasha said...

Love this post! The boys outfits are superb!

Serenata said...

Looks like the boys had a great time Trick or treating. Hope they didn't get sick from eating all the candy!

NeverUschi said...

The two little super heroes are so cute!!! Love their costumes.
They'll probably share their candy, so they won't get sick.

Gregor Daddies said...

Ursula: While BR tries very hard to be a good boy, he's not always the best about sharing!