Friday, November 22, 2019

A Thanksgiving Story, Part 1

Daddy Steve:  Craft projects have become a Thanksgiving tradition in Gregoropolis.  The kids enjoy them, and they are a good way to keep them busy (and out of my hair) while the turkey cooks.  This year's project is a bit more ambitious; it involves a kit for making 4 puppets.  My idea was that the kids could assemble the puppets and make up and perform a little story.  This definitely called for some planning and an early start...

Because she fancies herself to be in charge of everything, I made Holly Belle the 'executive producer' of this production.

Holly Belle: Don't worry, Daddy Steve.  I've got this all under control.

Meghan: What exactly does an executive producer do?
Holly Belle: Well, I make all the high level decisions, and then I delegate the various tasks
 to other people.
Meghan: You're a true leader, Holly Belle!
Holly Belle: It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

Holly Belle: Patrick and Ravi, I'd like you to be in charge of making the puppets.  Gather up some kids to help you.  And remember, I want a nice, neat job.
Ravi: Nice and neat is the only kind of work we do!

Holly Belle: Ann Marie, I want to you to be in charge of writing and performing the story.  You'll need to assemble a team of writers & performers.  Thanksgiving is a time of love and togetherness, so make sure you really pile on all that 'feel good' stuff.
Ann Marie: I'm on it!

Holly Belle:  >sigh<  All of this executive producing has worn me out!


Linda said...

Executive producing must be exhausting, Holly Belle can use her rest! :D I'm certain that she will do a wonderful job though. :)
The dolls live in a beautiful home. The pictures of Sasha Morgenthaler on the wall are a very nice detail!

Dee said...

Daddy Steve picked just the right person to be in charge! That Holly Belle was giving out those commands like a pro!
I wonder who shes used as her role model??? Daddy Steve or Daddy John?? ;)
I'm not surprised she's worn out and needs a rest, there is still all the performance to organised, the day to dawn, the performance and then taking the praise, a girl will need to be looking her best :)