Saturday, November 30, 2019

Pete Versus The Elf 2019

Nicholas: I say, what is that noise?  

Nicholas: It seems to be coming from behind the -- Richard the III's Ghost!

Nicholas: Peter!  Whatever are you doing back there?
Pete Dakota: Shhh!  He can't hear you.  I'll come around and tell you.

NicholasNow, what's all this then? Who mustn't hear you?
Pete: The Christmas Elf!  Daddy John and Daddy Steve will be letting him out soon--
then he'll get me over.
Nicholas: What? What elf? I don't --
Pete: Yeah, BR didn't believe me either.  I'm doomed.  Denali believes me, don't you girl?
Denali: Yip, yip!

Nicholas: But you can't spend the next month behind the divan.
Pete: Sure I can!  I've got a stack of comics, food, soda...I can last until New Years!
Denali will keep me better company than dumb ol' BR.  She believes me.

Nicholas: Oh my sainted aunt.  We'd better get that boy some help, hadn't we, girl?
..Or find that elf...
Denali: Woof!

To see Pete Dakota's first go 'round with The Elf, please visit this post: Pete vs The Elf (2018)


Dee said...

Poor Pete ! I hope Nicholas can get him some help!
He cannot spend Christmas behind the sofa even if he does have supplies and Denali for company....

Linda said...

I read about his encounter with the elf last year and I think Pete's right! Better safe than sorry! ;D

Serenata said...

Ha ha ha, this is so funny, I can just imagine him having to hide from the Elf... he looks like he has it all planned out for sure...but I bet once the others start enjoying themselves, he will be tempted to come out! It is crazy how it is December already - HOW did that happen?!