Saturday, November 16, 2019

Lazy Saturday

Daddy John: It's a lazy Saturday in Gregoropolis.  Let's see what some of the residents are up to...

Looks like Nicholas Sahara is catching up on his literature.

Nicholas: Great Richard the III's ghost, these American comic books are smashing!

Pete Dakota is working on his next masterpiece.

Pete Dakota: It's missing something...a bit of blue, perhaps.

Stephen Orange discovered the quietest room in the house to be the kitchen!

Stephen Orange: Now maybe I can finish this article for Sasha National Aquatica magazine.

With his motorcycle garaged for the season, Benjamin Roy's attention has been taken by the video game in the basement.

BR: Chew electric death, ya filthy animals!

Well.  It seems as if everyone has found something to do today.  Maybe it's just Daddy John who's feeling lazy (he said from the couch).


Serenata said...

What busy lads they are, and they have all found somewhere that suits their activities and interests. All good fun too by the looks of things.

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

Looks like everyone stayed out of trouble and had some fun! Love the video game!
Benjamin Roy got a little wrapped up with it I think!

Dee said...

Don't you just love those lazy weekends where everyone in the house is just kicking back and chilling, doing their own thing.
Looks like the boys are enjoying themselves, which means the dads can be getting in some lazy time too, hopefully ;)
Those game machines can be a little addictive, looked like Benjamin Roy was in the zone...