Sunday, November 24, 2019

A Thanksgiving Story, Part 2

Daddy Steve:  Preparations for the big Thanksgiving Day puppet show have kicked into high gear...

Holly Belle: I see my puppet making team is at work.  Hmmm...I kind of expected you would be a bit further along by now.

Patrick: Holly Belle, it's important to do this in an organized, logical manner.  We've laid out all of our supplies and tools, and we have carefully read through the instructions.  We are now ready to make the puppets.
Uli: Ja, I agree mit Patrick.  Ve must be methodical.
Holly Belle: Well, as long you have things under control, then I'm going to check 
on my writing team.

Ann Marie: Here's the list of writers and performers I've selected.
Holly Belle: Let's see: Blake - he has a real talent for writing.  Bowie - he's a natural performer.  And, hmmm, Frank?
Ann Marie: Thanksgiving is about food and Frank loves to eat.
Holly Belle That's certainly true.  Wait a minute, Nathan!?!  Oh, I don't know about him.  He gets some awfully weird ideas.  Remember last Christmas and the whole thing about Santa Claus not being real?

Ann Marie: I think Nathan could bring some interesting ideas to our story.  He's edgy!
Holly Belle: Well, he certainly puts me on edge.  >sigh<  Alright.


Serenata said...

She certainly has her work cut out for her with all the planning etc...that she is working on. I hope she manages to sort out who is doing what, how and when without any squabbles! I am sure it will all work out fine.

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

looks like Holly Belle chose the right people for the jobs. They are very organized and thinking things through! That nathan is playing with fire...people like him get stockings full of coal!

Dee said...

I'm liking that Nathan thinks outside of the box! Although not too far outside.
Looking like everything is under control and being well organised. Holly Belle is a treasure, I may need her to come help with the Chat n Snap !