Thursday, November 28, 2019

A Thanksgiving Story, Part 4 (Finale)

Daddy Steve: It's Thanksgiving Day, and time for the puppet show!

Oliver: Isn't this exciting?
Wesley: I've been waiting for days!

Holly Belle: Come on you two, the puppet show is starting soon.
Mikko: But there's a big game on TV.
Holly Belle: Look, Thanksgiving is a time of family and love and togetherness so we're ALL going to watch the puppet show. NOW!
Tyler: Yes, ma'am!

Gavin and Rolf warm up the audience with a little music.

Gavin: Do you know anything by Benny Goodman?
Rolf: Nein.  All I can play is Lady ov Spain und der Beer Barrel Polka.

At last, the show begins.  Ann Marie serves as narrator.

Ann Marie: Once upon a time, there was a happy man who lived in the woods.  One Thanksgiving he decided to invite all of his woodland friends to dinner.

Mr. Turkey: People always have an ulterior motive when they invite me to dinner, gobble gobble.
Mr. Happy Man: Don't worry, Mr. Turkey.  You've been invited as a friend!  We're serving beans on toast for our meal.

Nicholas: Smashing!  I say, this is gripping drama.  It's just like being at the Old Vic!
Pete Dakota: Who's Vic?

The show continues to keep the audience in its thrall.  All too soon, the story comes to its end...

Ann Marie: And so the four friends enjoyed a lovely dinner of beans on toast, elderberry wine, and pumpkin pie, although Mr. Fox couldn't but help gaze longingly at Mr. Turkey and imagining the delicious dinner that might have been.
Mr. Turkey: Gobble, gobble; what are you staring at?!
Ann Marie: The end.

The puppeteers come out and take their bows.

Yay!  Woo!  >Applause, applause<  Bravo!

Holly Belle: Hmm, that last part was a little dark.  I'll bet that was your idea, Nathan.
Nathan: I was just trying to add some dramatic tension.  And set the stage for next year's show.
Holly Belle: And what would that be?

Nathan: Mr. Turkey's revenge.


Dee said...

I knew Nathan would come up trumps! I loved that mr Fox was looking longingly at the Turkey, lol
Mr Turkey's revenge could be a winner, although since Mr turkey survived to live another year, it does not have a lot to be revengeful for.. unless it's his relatives ?
Congratulations to Holly Belle, who proves that delegation done well by using the right people, means you shine and can take the credit, the sign of a born leader who'll go far..
And congratulations to all the crew and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Serenata said...

Puppet shows are always such fun, and this one looked like it was great fun as well and everyone enjoyed themselves. It had good comic factor as well with Mr Turkey and Mr Fox.... always good to have a bit of a cliff hanger.

Linda said...

Mr. Turkey wants roasted fox on the menu next year :) Good story!