Sunday, September 10, 2017

Stephen At The Fair (Part 2)

Daddy John:  Time for going on a few rides!  I didn't think Stephen Orange would like some of the more...energetic...rides (like The Scrambler, which Daddy John does enjoy), so we chose a couple of the more sedate ones.

First up is the Space Tower!  A large carousel slowly revolves and raises up about 300 feet; riders get a wonderful panoramic view of the fairgrounds and both downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Stephen Orange: Wow!  We can really see a far way.  Can we see our house?
Daddy John: Sorry, bud, I don't think we'd be able to make it out from here.

After climbing out of the Space Tower, Stephen happened to look up.

Stephen: What are those?
Daddy John: Those gondolas are the Sky Ride.  It goes across the fairgrounds.
Stephen: Can we go on that one?
Daddy John: You bet.  Let's go!

Stephen: Hey, this was made in Switzerland!  I wonder if Sasha M ever rode in it?

Stephen: Everything looks so small from up here.

As our gondola approached the Giant Slide, Stephen watched it rather intently as we passed over.  He didn't say anything about it once we landed, so maybe next year?

Our last ride was Ye Old Mill, Daddy Steve's favorite.  It's the oldest ride at the Fair.

A large paddle wheel powers the small river that propels the riders' little wooden boat through the dark tunnels and past comical vignettes.

Of course, the original thrill of the Old Mill would have been meandering down the 'river' in the dark with your sweetie all alone.  These days, it's still a fun, quiet little ride.

Stephen: We're going into the tunnel now, Daddy John.  If you get scared of the dark, you can hold my hand.


Serenata said...

I'm not much of a rides sort of person, but one thing I will always go on is some form of river ride, or log flume ride. Henry and Emily enjoyed a fabulous one when in Germany back in 2012 - it was a lot of fun with all the different scenes set up. The one you went on looks fun too.

Fabulous views!

twizel said...

I love going on rides,but only the ones that do not include heights as I have a great fear of them. Looks like you had a great time.

Kendal said...

Loved seeing you all enjoying 'The fun of the fair' here! I don't DO the scary, dangerous rides but love the quieter, more gentle activities on offer.

Anonymous said...

The Old Mill looks like a fun ride! The rest too, if you like to fly high in the sky :-). Looks like you all had a fun day!

Jane said...

I agree about the scary rides, or those that tickle your tummy- Ugh not for me! I like the log flumes and cable cars and monorail kind. It looks like you all had a wonderful time :) Jane

Dee said...

I love fairground rides, although it's been a while since I've been on any.
Used to love Alton towers and such places. luckily I do not have a fear of heights, so loved all those sorts of things.
But the carousel was always my favourite along with the dodgems. Stephan Orange looks to be having a great time and so understanding to offer to hold your hand, what a good lad ;)