Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Stephen At The Fair (Part 3)

Daddy John: Of course, one of the biggest draws of the Minnesota State Fair is the food!  Just about anything and everything you can imagine to eat.  On a stick.  Food on stick is a big thing at the Fair.  Why?  Sorry, you're not allowed to question the stick.

Stephen: Hmmmm.  Now, what are these again?
Daddy John: Deep-fried cheese curds.  They're my very favorite.

Stephen: I think I'll just have one of Daddy Steve's corn fritters.
Daddy John:  More for me, then!  Yum.

Thus nourished, we wandered around some more and stopped in at the Dairy Building.  This accomplished two goals:  First, to try one of this year's new foods: the Pie In The Sky Sundae.  Vanilla ice cream with a dark chocolate drizzle, mixed with lemon curd and "airplane" cookies.

And secondly, to check out the Princess Kay Butter Heads (yes, really).  We even got to see one being sculptured! Princess Kay of the Milky Way is a title awarded to the winner of the state-wide Minnesota Dairy Princess program; an annual competition sponsorted by the Midwest Dairy Association.  During her one-year term, Princess Kay serves as official good-will ambassador for the Minnesota dairy industry. Princess Kay is always a high-school student and she and her 'court' have their heads carved in blocks of butter at the Fair.   

It's been a busy visit to the Fair, and our feet are tired.  As we made our way towards the exit, we had to stop and do one last activity: Spin Art!

Stephen:  Daddy Steve, your design looks familiar!

Daddy Steve's painting after being spun, dried, and framed.

Daddy John:  What are you doing now, Stephen?
Stephen: I want to record all my thoughts about the Fair in my diary...

Stephen: ...and write a quick postcard to our friends in England 

Another year's Fair adventures for our diaries.  What will we see (and eat) next year?


DollMum said...

The butter heads sculptures are a clever idea. I'm looking forward to seeing what Stephen puts in his postcard to his friend overseas.

Serenata said...

You have had such a fun time at this fair. That ice cream sundae looks delicious! Peggy Sue and Henry loved their postcards and send a big thank you - I am sure you will see them on the blog soon.

Jane said...

Butter head sculptures? Very clever and artistic, but I much prefer butter on hot toasted crumpets... yummy :) I remember doing spin art at school; such fun and soooooo messy!! It looks like you had a wonderful time :) Jane

Dee said...

What a fascinating place to visit, loved the look of that Sundae :) and yes I agree with Stephen Orange that spin art looked very familiar !

Heads carved from butter... it amazes me what can be used to carve on! I can just imagine the Dairy princess and her court telling their children all about having their heads made from butter! ;)

Very interesting posts Stephen Orange thank you for sharing them with us.

Gregor Daddies said...

The girls actually get to take their heads home with them at the end of the fair. That's a lot of butter for crumpets, toast, muffins, scones, etc.! Hopefully they will all do a lot of holiday baking. It must be a little weird nibbling on your own head :-)

NeverUschi said...

I already thought the seed art was amazing, but I've never seen butter sculptures before!