Friday, September 1, 2017

School Boy

Daddy Steve:  You may recall that when Rolf came to live with us, the only clothing he had was his original schoolboy felt jacket.  Frankly, the jacket was filthy and we thought it beyond saving.  However, Dr. Pat is a miracle worker!  She was able to clean it up like new; it really encouraged me to try to assemble the rest of the missing outfit.

Pat suggested I contact Marti Murphy.  Marti is a very talented Sasha shoemaker and tailor.  She was happy to take on the challenge and we recently received the finished product.

It's a beautiful recreation of the original Götz schoolboy outfit, complete with ankle-strap shoes.  I was thrilled with it!

I called Rolf in and presented his handsome new outfit.  He examined the clothes carefully (rather suspiciously, actually), and then...


He burst into tears and ran from the room!  What on earth could have gotten into him?

Sebastian:  Rolf's afraid that if he wears pants without shoulder straps, they'll fall down in public.

Kids don't always act the way you want, or even expect, them to.  It's important to remember, though, that their worries are real to them.  I asked Kaveh, our resident counselor, if he could have a little talk with Rolf.

Kaveh:  Rolf, your pants won't fall down because they have a belt.  All big boys wear belts.
Rolf:  >sniff, sniff<  Th-they do?

With Kaveh and Emile providing encouragement, Rolf eventually agreed to try the outfit on.

Kaveh:  Oh yes, very stylish and debonair!
Emile:  You look très parisien; and zat, mon ami, is ze 'ighest compliment one can ever get.

Rolf:  Ja, I do look good, do I not.
Daddy Steve:  So, Rolf, what do you think of your new schoolboy outfit now?

Rolf:  >WAAAAAAAHHH!  I do not vant to go to school!

Oh dear.  Better get Kaveh to come back...


Serenata said...

He looks very smart in his new school uniform but I don't blame him for not wanting to go to school. Perhaps he could be home educated? 😉😉

jenann said...

Poor little Rolf! New things and events can be very scary when you are small.
My little Joachim had worn his school boy set for over 50 years, so when he arrived here he was terrified to take them off. But he got used to wearing more varied outfits very quickly and his school clothes now stay in the drawer. We may even sell them as he's noy in the least interested in ever wearing them again.

SimplySasha said...

This post brought a smile to my face this morning...I love it :)

Dee said...

What a worry for Rolf! Thank goodness you made sure he had a belt.
He looks so handsome in his new clean uniform.

Anonymous said...

Rolf's school uniform is lovely, it looks great on him. Maybe it helps if he knows there are school holidays to look forward too :-).

Kendal said...

THIS post is 'just up my street!' Exactly how I like them to be.
Interesting, informative, amusing and true to life with a lesson or two to be learnt along the way.
Many thanks indeed. More like this PLEASE!

Jane said...

Poor little Rolf :( I can imagine how he feels. Sometimes even the smallest of changes can be a big deal. Every new term going back to school filled me with dread :( Tell him from me that he looks very smart and very grown up in his new outfit :) Jane

DollMum said...

So funny - since when do children ever react to new clothes the way we expect they will! I hope Marti has seen this as I'm sure she will laugh that her beautiful recreation of the original outfit wasn't treated with the deepest suspicion at first.

Triciamj said...

Love it - there is always something to worry about ;-)

NeverUschi said...

Clever boy! But maybe he can be convinced by offering him a school sweets bag?
Love the photo with Rolf admiring himself in the mirror!