Friday, December 7, 2018

Pete versus The Elf

Benjamin Roy: Hey Pete, do want to take Annabelle for a walk with me?
Pete Dakota: Sure, I just want a drink of water first.

Pete: Ahhh!  What the heck is that?!

BR: What's taking you so long?
Pete: Wha--wha-what is that thing?!
BR: Oh, that's one of those Elf On A Shelf figures.  Daddy John and Daddy Steve move it around the house and say the elf watches us to see if we're being good or bad and then reports back to Santa.
Pete: I don't's kind of creepy.  I bet it moves around on its own.
BR: Oh, it's nothing to be afraid of.  C'mon, let's go.
Pete: O-o-okay, if you're sure...

Later that afternoon...

Pete: Now, where did I put my gray t-shirt? I know it's around here somewhere.

Pete: Here it is.  Frank leaves these drawers so messy... >grumble grumble<


That evening...

Pete: BR...BR, wake up!
BR: >snore, snort< Hmmmffff?

BR: Huh? Pete?  What's going on?
Pete: Can I sleep with you tonight?  Please?
BR: Of course.  What's wrong?
Pete: That elf!  He's going to come get me!  I just know it!
BR: Oh it's just a stupid toy.  It won't hurt you.  
Pete: No, he's after me.  I just know it!
BR: >sigh< Okay, get in.

Pete: Thank you, BR.
BR: Go to sleep, buddy.  It'll be fine in the morning, you'll see.
Pete: Okay...

Pete and BR drift off...


Cheryl Mahoney said...

Love this! I'm with Pete . . . those "spy" Elves just aren't right!!

Serenata said...

I don't blame you for being worried Pete, those elves are a bit creepy! Always spying on you, it isn't right ;) But never fear, I am sure it doesn't really mean you any harm.

Dee said...

Poor Pete ! I'm not surprised he's worried with a strange elf keep suddenly appearing from nowhere!
But at least he had BR to be with him in his time of need, what a great brother.
Love their dog just making himself comfy while the boys get snuggled up in bed but that elf appearing on the headboard ..... now that's just plain sinister.... shiver.....

Sasha's Vintage Boutique said...

that elf is up to no good...I can sense it! They always look a bit too pleased with themselves. I don't blame Pete one bit!

Ginger said...

Love this elf on a shelf. I hope we can see Pete when he wakes up! Will the elf still be there? A great post! 😊 xxx