Saturday, May 14, 2022

Giancarlo vs. The Squirrels

 Daddy Steve:  You may recall that last spring the squirrels absolutely demolished all of the blossoms on our Magnolia tree, just as they were starting to open up: Evil Squirrels.

We hoped that over the winter they would forget about how tasty Magnolia flowers are, but apparently squirrels have surprisingly good memories.  This spring, they were back and up to their old evil tricks.

Nanny Wendy: Oh good grief, not again!
Mikey: Are da squirrels gonna eat all da flowas?
Giancarlo: Not if I can help it!

Giancarlo: Wyatt, help me unroll this netting.
Wyatt: Sure thing, boss!

Wyatt: Do you think this will really work?
Giancarlo: We shall see, amico.  We shall see.

The netting did seem to discourage the squirrels from climbing the tree, and we saved a good many flowers...

Robin: The squirrels don't seem to like the netting.  
It probably feels like walking into a spider web.
Luke: Eeeeew!  I hate that!

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Zen and the Art of Household Chores


BR: How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?
Philip: Fish!

Nicholas Sahara: Oh, bugger.  Another 'sockrifice' to the laundry gods.

Scot-Michael: I bet with a race car bed I could be fast asleep.

Stephen Orange: Everyone wants to save the dolphins, 
but no one wants to help with the dishes.

Pete Dakota: I just dusted off the Hoover.
I have become the vacuum cleaner.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

If The Shoe Fits

 It still doesn't feel like spring here in Gregoropolis, but that isn't stopping the girls from changing into their spring fashions.

Carolyn: Oh yes, I like this outfit a lot.
Holly Belle: It's long been a favorite here.
Meghan: And it looks lovely on you!

Holly Belle: Now for shoes, I think these would go nicely with it.

Carolyn: Actually, I rather fancy this pair.

Meghan and Holly Belle: Trainers?!?
Holly Belle: They're, er, not very stylish though.

Carolyn: I feel like I've reached the age where I value comfort over style.

Holly Belle: Gosh, you don't think we'll ever get that old, do you?
Meghan: It's hard to even imagine...

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Woe To The Tidy


Mikko: Hey there, we just wanted to let you girls know that we've invited some
friends over this afternoon to watch a movie.

Ann Marie: What movie?
Tyler: Justice League!
Harriet: Haven't you watched that a hundred times already?
Mikko: Well, yeah, but this is the Zac Snyder version!
Ann Marie: >snort< Whatever...

Harriet: I think we'll sit this one out, but you boys have fun.
Ann Marie: And use coasters!  No rings on the coffee table!
Tyler: >snort< Whatever...

Ann Marie: Wait a minute...
Harriet: Did they!

Both: Eeek!  The bathroom!

Harriet: Quick, you grab the mop and bucket!
Ann Marie: You grab the Windex and Scrubbing Bubbles!
Both: And the Magic Erasers!

Mikko: Relax, the bathroom looks just fine.
Tyler: Yeah, it always looks fine.

Ann Marie: 'Always.' 'Looks.' 'Fine?'  They just don't see it, do they?
Harriet: Nope.  Totally clueless.
Both: >Sigh<

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easter Fashion Show

 Gregoropolis presents: An Easter Fashion Show!







Eric, Natalie, and Anika

What has happened to Natalie's chocolate chick?

Looks like someone couldn't wait!


Friday, April 15, 2022

Bunny's Revenge (Encore)

Gregoropolis has received a request to repeat some our Easter adventures.  We hope you enjoy our fourth, and final, chapter of Frank vs Chocolate Bunny Ears.  Originally presented April 12, 2020.

It's the night before Easter and everyone is asleep.  Almost everyone, that is...

FrankMust eat bunny ears...must eat bunny ears...must eat bunny ears...

Just as the Bunny Bandit is about to attack his next victim, a booming voice calls out!

Booming Voice: FRAAANK!  What are you doing?!
Frank: >gasp<  Who is it?!  Who's there?!

Great Bunny: It is I! I am the Great Bunny!  Why are you trying to make my people deaf?

Frank: G-g-g-gosh, Mr. Great Bunny, I-I-I don't mean to.  I just get this craving for 
chocolate bunny ears sometimes.
Great Bunny: Well, stop!  My people need their ears to hear, as well as for appearance's sake.  A rabbit without ears looks like a fat ugly squirrel!

FrankO-o-okay, Mr. Great Bunny, I promise I will stop.
Great BunnyGood!  Now go back to bed.
Frank: Uh, can I go to the bathroom first?
Great BunnyFine, but don't leave the seat up.  You know how that irritates your sisters!

Rhoda: Hee-hee!  Did you see the look on Frank's face?
Daphne: Yes, I think he's definitely learned his lesson this time!
Holly Belle: And about time, too.  Those chomped off ears were really starting to vex me.  
Come on, we'd better get the 'Great Bunny' deflated and hidden away.

And come Easter morning...

JamesHey!  Look!  No missing ears!
Rolf: Wunderbar!

LukeHappy Easter, Frank!
Gavin: Are you okay?
FrankWell, I didn't sleep so good.  I had the strangest dream.
LukeWould you like a chocolate egg?
Frank: No, I think I'll stick to these jelly beans.  I've lost my taste for chocolate for some reason.


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Easter Aftermath (Encore)

Gregoropolis has received a request to repeat some our Easter adventures.  We hope you enjoy the third of four chapters of Frank vs Chocolate Bunny Ears.  Originally presented April 23, 2019.

Frank:  >burp< >snort<

Frank: >Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz<

Meghan: Tsk, tsk
KavehDefinitely a bunny ear coma.  He'll come to in a couple hours.