Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Friday, June 14, 2019

Ladies' Man

Daphne: Hi Louisette.  Where are you off to?
Louisette: Some of ze boys have invited me to hang out wiz zem.  I zink zey want to try to impress me.
Meghan: Have fun, dear.

Meghan: I hope she doesn't expect too much...

Charles: Hey, Louisette, meet my pet frog Hopalong!
Louisette: Well, I...
Mikko: Louisette, check out my sweet boxing moves!
Louisette: Oh, yes...
Frank: Look at this, Louisette.  I can shove a whole donut in my mouth.
Louisette: Mon Dieu!

Emile: Enchant√©, Mademoiselle.  Je suis Emile.  Would you care to see our view of Montmarte?
Louisette: Oh, j'adore a view parisienne!  But, can one see Montmarte from here?
Emile: >Ahem<  Well, one can if one uses one's imagination, n'est-ce pas?  Come, my sweet.

Charles: Uh, what just happened?

Emile: Zat, mes amis, ees how eet ees done!  >Sniff!<

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Girl In The Garden 4

Flower or weed?   Valerie reckons it all depends on your perspective.

Valerie: Make a wish!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Prepping for Cincinnati (BR and Pete Dakota)

Daddy John:  Things in Gregoropolis today are not cool, calm, or collected...

Pete Dakota: You promised!  You said you'd help me!

Benjamin Roy: I said I was sorry!  I lost track of time working on my motorcycle!  I'm here now!

Pete Dakota: You like that dumb ol' bike more than me!  
BR: >Sigh<  I'm here now, Pete.  I'll help pack.
Pete Dakota: Mmmmff.

BR decides to try the 'peace offering' tactic...

BR: Look, I bought you your own motorcycle jacket.  So we can go riding together.

Pete Dakota: ...
BR: ...
Pete Dakota: For me?
BR: Of course!  Who else would I want to take on my bike?
Pete Dakota: Well, it is a nice jacket.  And it feels pretty cool...
BR: I knew you'd like it.

Pete Dakota: That's not the point!

Pete Dakota: Here's what you can do with the jacket!
BR: >Sigh<

Will the best buddies make up before the big Sasha Fest in 3 weeks?  I guess we'll know when we see who shows up with me in Ohio!

Meanwhile, Stephen Orange and Nicholas Sahara have escaped to the backyard for some quiet...

Stephen Orange: There. This is more like it, isn't it Nicholas?
Nicholas: Too true, Stephen, too true.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Friday, May 31, 2019

Hello Tree

Daddy Steve:  You may remember last spring we posted that one of our trees was ailing and had to be taken down (Farewell Tree). We vowed that we would eventually plant a new one to take its place.

Patrick and Ravi did a lot of research and determined that a flowering crab would be the ideal choice.  It doesn't grow too tall, and it gets lots of bright pink blossoms in the spring.

Ravi: What do you think?
Daisy: Oh, it's lovely!  Pink is my favorite color.

And so, tree planting time arrived last weekend.

Patrick: We're ready to plant, Daddy Steve!

Ravi: We'll need to dig an awfully big hole.

We wanted the new tree close to where the old one had been, which made the work more difficult.  While digging, we ran into lots of large roots from the old tree that had to be chopped out.

Before we even got the tree planted, a honey bee had found it and was busy collecting pollen.

We finally got the tree settled into its new home.  We think it looks happy.

Although all the old roots slowed planting down, Patrick and Ravi later explained that ultimately they will be beneficial.

Patrick: As the old roots decay, they'll provide nutrients for the new tree.
Holly Belle: So, it's like the old tree will always be with us?
Ravi: Exactly!  It's the circle of life.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Girl In The Garden 2

Daddy Steve: Ulli thought that her pretty new dress would look very striking against the lilac, which is just starting to bloom.

The problem was that the blossoms were too high for her to reach.

Ulli: Assistance, bitte!

Ulli: Danke!  It's difficult sometimes for us shorter volks.