Saturday, June 27, 2020

Meeting The New Boy III, Part 3

Previously, in Gregoropolis: The kids have discovered that an unknown boy has been camping out in the backyard the past few days, and it appears that the mystery boy and Nicholas Sahara have a shared past...

Scot-Michael: Nickels, aren't you going to introduce me to your friends?
Nicholas Sahara: Please don't call me that.  You know my name is Nicholas.
Scot-Michael: But Nick--
Nicholas: Please.
Scot-Michael: >sigh<  Okay.  But you can still call me 'Scout.'

Nicholas: Scot-Michael, may I present Peter, Benjamin Roy, Tyler, and Mikko.  Gentlemen, this young man is Scot-Michael.
Scot-Michael: Hi, again.  Please call me Scout.  Thank you for use of the tent!
Tyler: Oh, no problem!  C'mon, we'll show you around.

Once Mikko and Tyler have taken Scot-Michael to meet the rest of the Gregoropolis gang...

Pete Dakota: I thought you might be hungry.  I brought your favorite.
Nicholas: Dear Peter, you've gotten to know me too well.
Pete: And I want to know a little bit more, Nicholas.  So, how do you know Scot-Michael?

And at the same time, BR has got the new boy alone...

BR: Okay, spill.
Scot-Michael: >sigh<  I was traveling through Nickels's, er, Nicholas's country--that was my goal, to hike around the world--when his father, the king, hired me as a companion for the prince.  Nicholas had no siblings and was lonely.  I was to also help him with his English; he was learning it from a very prim & proper British nanny.

Nicholas: >sigh<  We got on like a house on fire.  Then came the revolution.  My father, the king, is a good man, but he was deposed by a nefarious band of insurrectionists.  One day, Scot-Michael was just...gone.  I learned later that those loyal to the king spirited him out of the country for his safety.  We never had a chance to say goodbye.

Scot-Michael: I had no way to contact him; I never knew what happened to him.  So, once I got back to the States, I resumed my travels.
BR: I see...
Scot-Michael: Tell me, how is he fitting in here?
BR: Everybody loves him.  Even Stephen Orange, and he doesn't like anybody.

Nicholas: I was sent to America to live and to be safe.
Pete: Why do you call him 'Scout'?
Nicholas: ...It's how I first pronounced 'Scot' as I was improving my English.

BR: And 'Nickels'?
Scot-Michael: Ha-ha, it's how I first pronounced 'Nicholas' while learning his language.  'Scout' and 'Nickels' became our nicknames for each other.

Pete: You don't seem very happy to see him.
Nicholas: I thought he'd just gone without telling me.  I was angry and thought I'd never see him again.  I was frightfully taken aback when I found him in the garden.


Scot-Michael: So....
Nicholas: Yes, so...
Scot-Michael: Are you safe here?  Are you happy here?
Nicholas: Well, I do miss Papa and Mama, but yes.  They've all been terribly kind.
Scot-Michael: Good.
Nicholas: Are you still on your sojourn around the globe?
Scot-Michael: I'm...tired.  I'd like a place to call home.
Nicholas: Then you must stay here.  The Daddies will be pleased.
And I will be, too...Scout.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Meeting The New Boy III, Part 2

Meanwhile, at the same time that Nicholas is encountering the unknown boy (or maybe not so unknown!) in the backyard...

Tyler: So then I bet him that I could stuff 7 of them in my --
Mikko: I bet you could stuff 10!
BR: Guys, have you seen Nicholas?  He's supposed to be walking Annabelle.
Tyler: Well, then he says --

Pete Dakota: Uh, guys?
Tyler: Do you mind? This is a private conversation.
BR and Pete: GUYS!
Tyler and Mikko: WHAT?!
BR: Have. You. Seen. Nicholas?

Tyler: Oh, Prince Fancypants is outside.  He's probably talking to the hobo kid.
Pete: ...the what?
Mikko: The drifter boy.  We found him squatting in the backyard a couple of days ago, 
so we lent him the tent.

BR: Tent?
Pete: Drifter?
BR: Hobo?
Pete: Backyard?

Tyler: Jeez, get a load of those two.
Mikko: Captains Clueless.

BR and Pete: WHAT drifter boy?!

Tyler and Mikko: THAT drifter boy.

Scout: Hi.
Nicholas: Er, well, yes, hello.


Saturday, June 13, 2020

Meeting The New Boy III, Part 1

In a secluded corner of the backyard, Annabelle has discovered something or, perhaps, someone...

Annabelle: >sniff, sniff<  Arf?

Boy: Huh? Who's there?

Boy: Well, look at you!  I bet you're a good pupper!
Annabelle: Woof!

Nicholas: Oh my giddy aunt!  If I've lost Annabelle, Benjamin will have my guts for garters!

Nicholas: Annabelle!  There you are, you naughty - -
Boy: Nickles?!?
Nicholas: Richard the III's ghost!  Scout?!?

Scout and Nicholas: What are you doing here?!?!

Scout: ---
Scout: ---
Scout: I'd better put my clothes on.
Nicholas: Yes, I think you better had...


Saturday, June 6, 2020

Summer's Coming!

Daddy John: Summer is nigh, and my boys are getting ready!

Nicolas Sahara:  Aha!  Here's where you two lolloped off to!  Reclining in indolence.  >sigh<
Well, come along you lot.  Benjamin, Daddy John wants us to sort out the bathing costumes.

Nicholas: Peter, you're a right mess; ice cream all over!  Go and clean yourself up and change your clothes; Daddy John wants to take some photographs.
Pete Dakota: I think he's talking to you.

After wrangling the two wayward souls back into the house, BR and Nicholas dig out their swimming suits...

BR: I dunno, I was pretty lazy over the winter.  I hope mine still fits!

Nicholas: Growing up in a castle, we never had a swimming pool.  We'd vacation on the coast, and there were beaches, but they were quite unsuitable for swimming. 
BR: No worries.  Pete and I will teach you.  Pete is part merboy, I think!

Swimsuits sorted and Pete Dakota cleaned up and changed, my Fantastic 4 line up for summer pictures...

BR, Pete Dakota, Stephen Orange, Nicholas Sahara

Best friends BR and Pete Dakota

Stephen Orange (who is anticipating a summer adventure) and Nicholas Sahara