Saturday, April 24, 2021

Evil Squirrels

 Daddy Steve: Here at Gregoropolis, we love it when the magnolia tree blooms in the spring.

(Two years ago)

Apparently the squirrels love it, too.  
This spring they attacked it and destroyed almost every blossom.

We got some sheet metal and put it around the trunk in time to save a few of the flowers.

The kids are quite upset about it.

Giancarlo: I mascalzoni!  The scoundrels!
Daisy: Absolutely despicable!

Daisy: What should we do?
Giancarlo: Well, a la Sicilia, we would curse them and cast the evil eye. Il Malocchio!
Daisy: And that works?
Giancarlo: No, not really.  But it does make one feel better.

DaisyCurses to you, squirrels!  Begone!  >casts il malocchio< 

Daisy: How was that?
Giancarlo: Bravissima!  Well done!


Saturday, April 17, 2021

Teddy Bear Tea Party, Part 1

Holly Belle: I'm feeling restless.  I need a project, but what?
Meghan: Perhaps you should organize some type of social function.  A gala or soirée.
Holly Belle: Hmm...yes, I am very good at that.  The only trouble is that 
this pandemic makes socializing hard.
Meghan: Agreed, but we do have a very big 'pod'.
Holly Belle:  True, but the boys can never be counted on to cooperate.
They're so socially inept.  I really think their teddy bears have more of a clue than they do.

Meghan: Well, maybe we should invite them instead.
Holly Belle: ...Teddy bears?!  Say, that's an idea!
Meghan: A teddy bear tea party!
Holly Belle: And we can invite the dolls and all the other stuffed animals, too.
Oh, this will be brilliant!  The social event of the Gregoropolis season!
Meghan: Let's get started!

Sasha: Teddy would love to come to your party.
Miguel: And Grumpy Care Bear, too!
Holly Belle: They'll have a lovely time.

Patrick: I'm not sure.  Herbert is quite busy at the moment, and this is very short notice.
Holly Belle: Hmph.  We had no idea that Herbert's social schedule was sooo full.
Patrick: You know I do post his schedule online every week.
Ravi: Puneet, my elephant, would love to come, 
and I'm sure Herbert could find the time, right Patrick?
Patrick: Oh, very well, I suppose.

Holly Belle: Ugh.  That Patrick can be maddening some times!
Meghan: At least we got him to cooperate.

Rhoda: Hawkeye will attend your party, but you have to remember that she is a bird of prey.
I mean, just in case she eats one of the other guests.
Holly Belle: Good heavens!

Duncan: Bart has a sensitive tummy.  Will you have lactose-free, non-gluten options?
Meghan: I'm sure we'll be able to accommodate him.

Gino: Oh, si!  Hugo would be happy to attend!
Jennifer: And Barry, too.
Kaveh: Count Daniel in.

Holly Belle:  So, Rolf, will you bring Herr Mono to our party?
Rolf: Ja, naturlich.
Lulu: And I will bring my watering can to your la petite fête!
Holly Belle: Er, yes, of course.  We're happy to have,

Holly Belle: Goodness, this party is going to be a lot of work!  We'd better get started.
Meghan: Don't fret, Holly Belle.  We've got this!

Saturday, April 10, 2021

I Like You

James: I like you, Rhoda.
Rhoda: I like you, too, James.

James: Do you like me better than spaghetti?
Rhoda: Better than spaghetti and meatballs!

James: Wow, meatballs!
(To himself: I don't think I'd have gone that far!)

Rhoda: What about me?  Do you like me better than ice cream?
James: Hmmm, what kind of ice cream?
Rhoda: Strawberry.

James: Oh yes, much better than strawberry ice cream.

Rhoda: Thank you!
(To herself: Good thing I didn't say Neapolitan.  That definitely would have been pushing it!)

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Easter Miracle

 Recently at Gregoropolis...

Lulu: 🎶  Lah, de-da de da, lah 🎶

Paul: Hi, Lulu.  What are you up to?
Lulu: Planting for Easter!

Paul: Jelly beans?  What...?
Lulu: >Tee-Hee!<

Paul: Did you see that?!  She's planting jelly beans!
Kurt: That's ridiculous!
Kevin: Absurd!
Frank: >sigh<  What a terrible waste.
Paul: I think she's lost her mind.

The boys decided to ask for some other opinions on Lulu's sanity.

Uli was pragmatic about the whole thing.

Uli: Vell, as long as she does not make a mess, there is no harm in it.
Frank: I still say it's a terrible waste of jelly beans.

Kaveh was philosophical.

Kaveh: Freud did say that everyone is a little weird.  Or was that Dr. Seuss?
Anyway, perhaps Lulu knows something we don't.
Frank: Perfectly good jelly beans - ruined!

Finally, Easter morning arrives, and the boys can't believe what they find.

All:  >Gasp<   Lollipops!

Paul: Amazing!
Kurt: I can't believe it!

Kevin: I don't know what to say!
Frank: I do.

Frank: Lulu, you're my new best friend!  Now, can you grow chocolate bunnies?
Lulu: >Tee-Hee!<