Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hey Friend, Say Friend

Daddy Steve:  Fifty years ago on April 28th, 1967, visitors from all over the world stepped onto Montreal's Île Sainte-Hélène and time-traveled into the future.  It was the opening day of Expo 67, the Montreal World's Fair.  Expo 67 coincided with Canada's centennial year.  Sixty-two nations participated in the fair, and during its 6 month run it received more than 50 million visitors, making it the most successful World's Fair of the 20th century.

The boys have pulled out some of our Expo 67 memorabilia for the occasion

In style, Expo 67 reflected the Space Age optimism of the 1960s with its monorail trains and futuristic pavilions.  The theme of the fair was Terre des Hommes/Man and His World.  It was inspired by a memoir of the same name by French aviator Antoine de Saint Exupéry.  The book explores his views on friendship, solidarity between people, humanity, and the search for meaning in life.  

Blake and Kaveh admire the pavilion of Great Britain

We truly believe that humanitarian philosophy that produced Expo 67 is the same one that brought our Sasha Serie dolls to life at right about the same time.  We don't know if Sasha Morgenthaler ever visited Expo 67, but we would like to think she would have felt a kindred spirit there.

Expo 67 visitors presented their 'passports' at each pavilion they toured

Giancarlo:  Look at all of the places this person visited!

Anthony:  Around the world in a day.

All of us at Gregoropolis would like to congratulate our neighbor Canada on the anniversary of this remarkable achievement.  

The boys got together and performed their own version of the Expo 67 logo

Bonus:  Here's a short video of Expo 67 and its theme song, "Hey Friend, Say Friend"

Friday, April 21, 2017

Farewell Dayton's

Daddy Steve:  The place where Sasha and I first met each other is gone.  A few weeks ago, Dayton's department store in downtown Minneapolis closed its doors for the last time.

Sasha: We're feeling a little sad.

Of course, technically it was no longer Dayton's.  That name disappeared more than a decade ago.  By the time the store closed it was a branch of Macy*s.  However, to most Minneapolis residents, it would always be Dayton's--a beloved shopping destination for over 115 years.

(Even Daddy John, who grew up in northern Minnesota, knew Dayton's.)

Dayton's in the early 1900s.

Early 1970s; the way it looked when I got Sasha.

Our American followers may also recognize the quick glimpse of the store in the opening of the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

There were other department stores downtown, but Dayton's was in a class by itself.  With nine retail floors, it seemed to stretch on forever.  It was always a very classy, elegant store.  Dayton's auditorium shows were legendary.  During the Christmas holidays they staged a large animated display based on a different children's story every year.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in 1976

Harry Potter in 2000

Every spring, the store's auditorium was transformed into a lush garden for the annual flower show.  I remember one year in particular that featured a full-sized, working carousel decorated entirely with flowers.

Flower shows through the years.

Dayton's had a wonderful toy department on the eighth floor.  It was there where I first encountered Sasha dolls.  I can still remember them in a large, glass display cabinet: blond and brunette gingham girls, London girls and boys, ballerinas, denim boys, and, of course, my boy.  I believe when you see Sashas for the very first time, you're struck not only by how beautiful they are, but also by how unique they look.  They're unlike any other doll.  

I got Sasha in about 1973, even though he's actually a 1968 boy.  He had obviously been waiting for me for quite a while.  I still remember the clerk going to the back room and bringing him out in his 'crayon' tube.  

I still have his original pajamas outfit and tube.

(By the way, for those of you who have wondered why he's named Sasha and not Gregor--well, with the name Sasha printed all over his tube, my 7-year-old self just assumed that was his name.)

In later years, the store suffered from new competition: suburban shopping malls, outlet stores, and online shopping.  Later owners were indifferent to the qualities that endeared Dayton's to its shoppers.

During the closing, even Santa's chair was up for sale.

End of an era.

Change is inevitable, and it can be a positive thing.  Sometimes, though, it comes with a price.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Attack of the Bunny Bandit

Daddy Steve:  It's Easter in Gregoropolis and the boys awoke and got dressed extra early so they could search for their Easter baskets.  However, a very curious thing happened sometime after the Easter Bunny made his deliveries!

Rolf:  Ach du lieber!
Bowie:  Aw, man, no way!

It seems that someone else other than the Easter Bunny made a visit to each basket--someone with an appetite for chocolate.

Miguel:  ¡Ay Dios mío!  ¿Dónde están las orejas?
Sasha:  >Gasp!<

Emile:  Sacre bleu!  Who would do such a thing?
Robin:  Oh...I think I know...

All:  Frank!

Frank:  Whaaaat?

Happy Easter from all of us at Gregoropolis!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Meeting The New Boy

Daddy John:  The big day was here as Stephen Orange finally arrived.  The boys were all a little nervous about meeting each other, so I decided we'd take a walk in the park to ease the tension a little (plus, it was a beautiful day).

At first, the boys didn't seem to know what to say to each other.

It was Annabelle who finally took matters in hand, er, paw...

Annabelle:  sniff-sniff-sniff-sniff-sniff
Benjamin Roy: Annabelle!  No jumping!
Stephen Orange:  It's okay.  Hello, girl!

Amazingly, it was our shyest boy who broke the ice.

Pete:  My name is Peter and BR calls me 'Pete Dakota,' but everyone else just calls me 'Pete.'
Stephen Orange:  Hello, Pete.  My full name is Stephen Orange, but it's okay if you want to call me just 'Stephen' or even just 'Orange.'

Stephen Orange:  I like your shirt, Benjamin Roy.
BR: Thank you!  Please, call me BR.  Daddy John says you like marine animals.
Stephen Orange:  Oh, yes!  I'd like to study then when I get older.  I have toy stuffed Whale Shark that I brought with me, but he's still packed.  
Pete:  I have a book about the Loch Ness Monster if you'd like to see it.

And with that, they were off and running and chatting away.  I think it may take a little while, but our family is coming together.  We took a family photo to commemorate the event and even got Annabelle to sit still long enough for one.

We returned home from our walk and had sodas on the patio.  They were still discussing the Loch Ness Monster...