Saturday, September 16, 2023

Jurassic Lark


Daisy: Hi, boys!  What's with all the dinosaur-themed shirts?

Boys: Hmmmmm.....we dino!

Boys: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!  High five!!

Wesley: Get it?  We 'dino'....we 'dunno'.  Just a little dinosaur humor.
Daisy: >giggle< Oh, I get it.  But don't quit your day jobs!

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Barbecue Time, part 2

 Team Gregoropolis is fired up for the barbecue!

Ezra: Why do we always get stuck moving tables?
Holly Belle: A little more to the left.
Meghan: Actually, I think it should be more to the right.
Wesley: Oh, good grief!

Beatrix: Who's doing the actual grilling?
Robin: Meet your grill-meisters extraordinaire!

Barbara: A very sharp look, but are you two up to the task?
Beatrix: We don't want this to be a case where the clothes don't make the man.

Anthony: Fear not, we know what we're doing!

Some time later...

Holly Belle: Haven't you got the charcoal started yet?!?
Robin: We're working on it, we're working on it.


Anika: I want mine with just a little pink.
John Martin: A bit more pink for me, please.
Alice: Mine is too pink!
Dan Ryan: Mine's too well done!
Anthony: >Sigh< You'll get them the way you get them.

Duncan: I can't get any ketchup to come out.
Logan: Shake it and then give it a really good squeeze.
Put some muscle into it!

Duncan: Phooey and drat!
James: Guess you just don't know your own strength.

Wendell: These baked beans sure are delicious!  I'm having thirds!
Dan Ryan: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Logan: Yep, he's sleeping out on the sofa tonight.

Natalie: Have you ever noticed how life's greatest pleasures involve food?
Frank: Is there any other way?

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Barbecue Time, Part 1

 Daddy Steve: Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end of summer here in the United States; a fact that has all of us feeling some angst...

Boys: Noooooooo!!!!

Robin: Instead of moaning about it, we could have a celebration.
How about a backyard barbecue?
James: I'm up for anything that involves food!
Ezra: Do we even have a grill?
Robin: Oho! Wait until you see this!

Boys: Ooooooohhhh!

Ezra: Sweet!
James: Awesome!
Bowie: She's a real beauty!
Meghan: Why do men talk about grills the same way they talk about cars?

Uli: I must make food for this event!
Paul: But Uli, it's a barbecue.
Uli: Ja, but ve must haff side dishes, salads, appetizers, desserts!
Kevin: She doesn't do anything by half, does she?

Later on...

Uli: I am not sure I haff made enough.

Holly Belle: I'm going to make my special salad.
Katie: Oh, you mean the one with green Jell-O?
Pamela: And the shredded carrots?
Ann Marie: And celery and pineapple?

Katie: Holly Belle, you really don't need to go to all that trouble.  Really.
Holly Belle: Oh, it's no trouble at all.
Ann Marie: Well, the thing about your salad's....
Holly Belle: It's what?
Rhoda: What she's trying to say is it's awful!

Holly Belle: WHAT?!?!
Ann Marie: Rhoda!
Rhoda: Hey, this is no time for diplomacy.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Book Lover's Dilemma

Blake: Hi, Frederick.  What're you up to?
Frederick: I'm looking for something to read.
Blake: Oooh!  I've got just the book for you!

Blake: I just finished this one and it's amazing!
Frederick: Hmmm, I'll give it a try.

Frederick: Gosh, this really is a good book!  I can't put it down.

Uli: Supper is ready.
Frederick: Be there in a minute; just one more page.
Uli: >Grumble< Nein! Food now, page later.  >Grumble<

Carolyn: We're going for a walk.  Would you like to join us?
Frederick: Thanks, but I have to finish this chapter.

Wyatt: Want to go outside and play, Frederick?
Frederick: Maybe later...

Blake: Good grief, are you still up?
Frederick: I just have to find out how it ends!

Frederick: Wow, you were right.  This book was totally awesome!
Blake: Great, now turn off the lights and go to sleep!

Frederick: >Sigh<
Daphne: What's wrong?
Frederick: I shouldn't have read it so fast...

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Barbie, Barbie, what's all the fuss?


The Girls: >Swoon< Ahhh, Ken....

Marta: Ken's so handsome!
Ann Marie: He's so debonaire!
Harriet: He's so...bendy!

Nathan: >Hmmpf< If you ask me, he looks like
he's never had an idea in his head.

Harriet: The way he said that you would almost think it's a bad thing.
Marta: Well, you know how men are.
Ann Marie: We're all better off when they don't have ideas.

Holly Belle: I don't see what all the fuss is about Barbie.

Holly Belle: The girl literally can't even stand on her own two feet.

Holly Belle: Whereas I'm a real independent woman.  I know what I want, 
and I go for it.  And I don't let anything discourage me.

Meghan: That's so true, Holly Belle!  You're a real trail blazer!

Tyler: I'll say!  She blazes a trail of dust and chaos wherever she goes!
Mikko: Just like the Tasmanian Devil in the cartoons!
Mikko and Tyler: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tyler: >Chuckle, snort< Oh, er, yeah, maybe we should go play outside now.
Mikko: >Ahem< Uh, good idea...
Holly Belle: Probably the best one you've had all day.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Scooby-Doo Life Lessons


Frank: Lunch time is my favorite time of day.
Right next to dinner, breakfast, and snack time.
Ravi: Yes, Frank, we know.

Rhoda: Patrick, I have to say I'm surprised by your choice in lunchboxes.
Patrick: It's a good lunchbox.
Rhoda: Oh, no doubt.  It's just that Scooby-Doo seems a bit, uh, whimsical
for a serious guy like yourself.

Ravi: Oh believe me, he has a whimsical side.
Patrick: >Ahem< Yes, well, there's actually a lot that we can all learn from Scooby-Doo.

Rhoda: Do tell.
Patrick: It rejects fear and superstition in favor of rational analysis.
It employs logic to unravel mysteries.  Everything gets sorted out in the end.
Rhoda: That's true.

Frank: I like the way Scooby and Shaggy can fit ginormous sandwiches in their mouths.

Rhoda: I guess you can even learn something from cartoons.

Frank: That's why I watch Looney Tunes.
Ravi: Oh really, Frank; and what have you learned from that?
Frank: I've learned about opera.
Patrick Fair point.  What else?

Frank: Hmmm...Oh! Watch out for anvils falling from the sky!
Rhoda: Right, Frank.  Because that happens so often in life.