Saturday, February 29, 2020

Help Wanted: Nanny

Daddy Steve:  I must admit that we've never considered ourselves to be baby or toddler people here at Gregoropolis.

Jennifer: Babies?  Oh, they're okay, I guess, but dogs make much better pets.
Daphne: And they're far easier to train.

Nevertheless, in 2019 both a toddler and a baby came to live with us.

Mikey: Hewwo!

Conner: Bloog!

To be completely honest, each was a bargain.  Mikey was just a fraction of what toddlers normally sell for, and Conner was essentially free.

Duncan: Hmmph...'bargain' is a subjective term.
Mikey: Thhhpptpt!!

Okay, so the kids were not terribly enthusiastic initially.  Understandably so, too.  Having very small kids in the house is a big adjustment.  Although Mikey and Conner are sweet little guys, they can cause a lot of trouble.

Sometimes they're well meaning...

Mikey: We mak'n psghetti!
Angelo: >Gasp!<
Giancarlo: That was the last jar of our special homemade sauce!

Sometimes they're not.

Holly Belle: Eeek!
Meghan: Not on the new wallpaper!

To say nothing of the extra work they created.

Wyatt: I can't believe how many diapers we have to wash.
Oliver: And the smell!  Blech!

As the D.A.D. (Designated Adult Doll), many of the responsibilities fell on Anthony.  Eventually, he had enough.

Anthony: I simply cannot deal with all of this!  I need help!
Uli: Ja, ve need help!

It was decided that a nanny was needed at Gregoropolis, and Anthony wasted no time in finding one.

Wendy: Hello, I'm Nanny Wendy.  I'm here to inquire about the position. 
I think you'll find that--
Anthony: Nice to meet you.  You're hired.
Nanny Wendy: Oh!  Wouldn't you like to--
Anthony: No.  You can start tomorrow.
Nanny Wendy: Well, alright, I--
Anthony: Unless today is too soon?!

It may have been a quick decision, but it was a good one.  It turns out that Nanny Wendy is a very capable girl.  She's quite tall, even for a 1980s girl.  This gives her a natural air of authority.

Emile: La fille ees ze Eiffel Tower of nannies.
James: Large and in charge!

Fortunately, Nanny Wendy is a very benevolent ruler of the nursery.  Mikey and Conner absolutely adore her.  They actually want to behave for her.

So, at least for the moment, peace is restored to Gregoropolis.

Holly Belle: I don't know how she tamed those little monsters.
Frederick Best not to question it.  Just be grateful.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Saint Thomas Was A Good Egg

Frank: Hey Patrick and Ravi, what are you guys doing?
Ravi: We're learning about Thomas Becket.
Frank: Never heard of him.

Patrick: He's also known as Saint Thomas of Canterbury.
Frank: Oh, him!  Sure, I've heard of him.

Ravi: Oh really, Frank?  What can you tell us about him?

Frank: He was the one who invented those chocolate cream eggs that we have at Easter!

Patrick: >sigh<  Frank, those are Cadbury eggs.

Frank: Whatever.  Those Brits have so many different ways of saying things.

Frank: Um, gotta go.
Ravi: Now where are you off to?
Frank: I have a craving for a Canterbury egg!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine's Day Dance

Daddy Steve:  The girls were busy getting ready for the first annual Gregoropolis Valentine's Day dance.

Holly Belle: How's the decorating coming?
Harriet: Oh, just splendidly!

Holly Belle: Good.  Just remember --
Rhoda: Yeah, yeah.  We know; no tape on the wallpaper.
Harriet: Actually, we're just about finished.

Holly Belle: Great! You're just in time for the yoga class I will be leading then.
Rhoda: Why do we have to do yoga?
Holly Belle: It's obvious.  The boys outnumber us, so we're going to be doing lots and lots of dancing.  We have to be in top form.
Louisette: I do not need ze yoga.  We French women are naturally fit, n'est-ce pas?  We have ze appetite like ze bird and we walk everywhere.

Later that evening, the dance was ready to begin!

Blake was acting as DJ.

Daisy: Do you have 'Mony Mony' by Billy Idol?
Blake: Oooh, rock on!

However, a problem became immediately apparent.  The boys are that self-conscious age where the idea of dancing...and with a girl! rather mortifying.

Holly Belle Why won't they dance with us?!  They're just milling around and eating!

There were, of course, a few exceptions.  Bowie and Valerie cut an elegant rug.

And Robin believes that dancing is a societal nicety every refined young gentleman should be accomplished at.

Of course, Frank was his usual uninhibited self.

Frank: Boogie down!
Alice: >sigh<

The evening may not have gone exactly as planned, but Holly Belle is never one to give up.

Holly Belle Well, I can see that before next year's dance I'm going to have to organize some dance lessons in addition to the yoga classes.


Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Games We Play

Daddy Steve:  The winters at Gregoropolis tend to be long...very long.  Fortunately, the kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves.

We have a pinball table (a gift from our friends at Rose Cottage) which provides many hours of fun.  Looks like Barbara and Beatrix are crushing Mikko and Tyler in today's challenge...

Mikko: Wow, I had no idea they were so good!
Barbara: We're not just pretty faces, you know.
Beatrix: Well, we are that, too.
Ezra: I hope you guys didn't bet any allowance money!

The Gotz boys like to play Connect Four.

Kurt: I win!
Rolf: How?
Kurt: I've got four diagonally.
Rolf: Ach! I forget the diagonal.
Kevin: This excitement has made me hungry!

Robin and Blake are attempting to teach Frank how to play Kings in the Corner (the only card game Daddy Steve knows how to play...).  Unfortunately, Frank's attention span is not very long.

Robin: then, if you draw a king, you put it in one of the corners and then you can transfer another string of cards onto it.
Blake: But they also have to be in descending order and alternating colors.
Frank: >Yawn<...
Robin: Right, and then you can put down other cards to fill the empty spaces.
Blake: Whoever puts down all of his cards, wins!

Robin: Any questions?
Frank: Yes.  Is white chocolate really chocolate?

Meanwhile, Holly Belle, Nathan, Marta, and John Martin are engaged in an intense game of Uno.

Nathan: Ha-ha!  You have to draw four cards, Holly Belle!

Holly Belle: Hmmf!  I think  you do that to me on purpose.  John Martin would never do that to me.  He's very gallant; aren't you John Martin.
John Martin: Um, maybe?  I'm actually not sure what that even means.
Marta: Maybe we should play a different game.

For Patrick and Ravi, scientific inquiry is as exciting as any game.

Patrick: Hmmm...I wonder what Mr. Spock would say.
Ravi: 'Fascinating'?

Friday, February 7, 2020

Thank You

Hi Everybody,
I'd just like to shout out a thank you to those who messaged us here on the blog, on FB, or privately.  I really appreciate the thoughts and positive energy sent; it has all made the last month survivable.  

Steve and I will be back reporting on the Gregoropolis clan's adventures tonight or tomorrow.
Thank you again and Sasha hugs!  xx Daddy John