Friday, October 25, 2019

A Special Package

Daddy Steve and Daddy John: Here at Gregoropolis, it's always a big deal when we get a package in the mail (because it's almost always for the kids).  Very seldom, however, is a package actually addressed to them, but that's just what happened the other day...

Holly Belle: It's really addressed to us?
Benjamin Roy: That what it says; 'The Children of Gregoropolis."
Ezra: That's us alright.
Holly Belle: Who could it be from?

BR: The return address says 'Henry Holiday.'
Holly Belle: Henry!  Oh, you know him; the English boy who travels to all sorts of interesting places.
BR: Yes, Holly Belle, I know who Henry is.  This is a real surprise.  Wonder what's inside?
Holly Belle: Well open it up, for heaven's sake!

Ezra: It's a present!
Holly Belle: And a lovely card.  How sweet!  Oh, why can't John Martin send me cards like this?
BR: Let's unwrap it.
Holly Belle: Oh yes, unwrap it!  But don't tear the pretty paper.

BR: Two outfits!
Holly Belle: Oh, this day is getting better and better!
Ezra: I've seen that pattern before, on Henry's blog.  It's a traditional New Zealand design.
BR: Henry's mum is from New Zealand.

Holly Belle: Let's try them on.
BR: Uh, shouldn't we ask the others first?
Holly Belle: Oh, no.  You know how busy they all are.  Besides, someone once said that it's better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.
BR: Who said that?
Holly Belle: I can't remember, and it's not important.  It was obviously someone very wise.

Holly Belle: Oh, we look sensational!  I look particularly ravishing in this color.
BR: They are really nice outfits.

Ezra:  You guys look fancy, like you're going to a wedding.
BR: A wedding!?!

Holly Belle: We do make a rather handsome couple.
BR: >sigh<  I wish you'd stop saying that...

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Boys In The Garden 2

It's Nicholas Sahara's first autumn in Gregoropolis, so Pete Dakota, BR, and Stephen Orange have taken him for a walk through the backyard to see the leaves turning colors.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Say Cheese!

Daddy John:  It's time for that annual tradition, School Picture Day!

Our photographer, Mr. Anthony of Carpatina Photography, gets everything all set up...

Anthony: Tripod, check.  Spare cameras, check.  Backdrop, check.

Some of the Gregoropolis kids have already started to line up...

Pete Dakota: You see, Nicholas?  Nothing to stress over.  You sit on the stool, Anthony snaps your photo, and you're done!
Anthony: Pete Dakota!  You're in the shot!
Pete Dakota: Sorry, Anthony!  

Anthony: Say 'cheese', Benjamin Roy.
BR: Swiss!

Rhoda stuck to her promise to wear a skirt as long as it was her cowgirl outfit...

Anthony: Now, Holly Belle, please tilt your head --
Holly Belle: Oh, I think I know which is my best side, dear.

Anthony: Mikko, take that ridiculous thing off.

Mikko: What? This is my real hair!  Honest!

Tyler: Hey Tony!  Be sure to get my best side!  >Hee-Hee!<

Anthony: >SIGH<  I'm not getting paid enough for this.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

They Call Me Lily of the Valley

Daddy Steve: The other day Barbara and Beatrix spied upon some recently arrived pinafore outfits by eBay seller Jadzia.

Barbara Ooooh, what do we have here?
Beatrix: Pretty new outfits!

They were really charmed by the lovely and unusual fabrics.

The girls decided to try them on...

Barbara: Do you think we should?
Beatrix: Well, no one else has claimed them yet.  I say 'you snooze, you lose.'
Barbara: I like your way of thinking.

Actually, the blouses and pants alone would make nice summertime outfits.

Beatrix: But it's too cold for them now.

Beatrix's pinafore is decorated with a variety of wetland flora & fauna: reeds, cattails, lily pads, herons, hummingbirds, dragonflies, and even some beavers.  It doesn't sounds like an ideal theme for a fabric design, it looks delightful!

Beatrix: >Giggle<  Maybe I should change my name to 'Marsha'?
Barbara: >Ha-ha!<  How droll!

Barbara's dress is decorated with lily of the valley, which got us very excited.  We happen to love that flower.  It has a beautiful fragrance when it blooms in the spring, and attractive foliage all summer long.  Although it looks dainty, the stuff is as tough as nails.  "As invasive as Genghis Khan" is how we've heard it described.  You see lots of fabric with roses, daisies, poppies, and violets; but this is the first lily of the valley I've ever seen.

Barbara: And maybe I should change my name to Lily!
Beatrix: >Hee-hee!<  We're so witty!

Since we're on the subject of both humor and lily of the valley, we leave you with this classic scene from the television show I Love Lucy (Vivian Vance was such an underappreciated talent!).

(click for video)