Saturday, September 24, 2022

Vincent and Pete Dakota

 Pete Dakota fancies himself Gregoropolis's resident artist, but he's been having some inspiration blocks lately...

Pete Dakota: >Sigh<

Pete: I think my muse took off for the weekend.

Nothing for it but to sit and have a think.  Maybe with a 'cocktail' and chat with one of one's favorite painters...

Pete: What did you do, Vincent, when you couldn't think of anything to paint?
Vincent Van Gogh:  Well, my boy, sometimes creativity is a long time in coming.  

Vincent: But, you've got to paint every day!  Even if just little sketches. 
Now, look here.  I painted sunflowers for my friend Paul.

Vincent: Lovely, aren't they?
Pete: They're beautiful!

Vincent: Look around you and paint what you see.
Pete: What I see?
Vincent: Yes!  When I was in the, er, hospital, I could see a wheatfield out my window.  That was my muse, and I painted several canvases of it.  Just paint what you see!

Vincent: You've got to have a lust for life, boy!
You can do it!

Pete: A lust for life!  Mix up the oils and open the shades!
Here I go!  Thank you, Vincent!

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Meeting The New Boy V, Part 2

 Our story so far: A new boy has just appeared in the Gregoropolis workshop, to the consternation of Stephen Orange and to the interest of the others...

Benjamin Roy: What's all the shouting?  
Why's getting the tape measure taking so long?
Stephen Orange: Another one!
Pete Dakota: Another one what?
Stephen Orange: Him! Another brother!  I'm going to go wait in the car.  Hmmf.

Noah Conrad: He's a bit high-strung, isn't he?
Nicholas: His name is Stepehen Orange and you're to pay him no mind whatsoever.  
He'll come round later, in his time.
My name is Prince Johan Paul Nicholas Sahara, but everyone calls me Nicholas.

Noah: I guess it's nice to meet you?
Nicholas: Charmed, I'm sure, and at your service.  
Allow me to present the rest of our family.  
>Oi, line up, lads!<

Nicholas: This is Philip Guy...
Philip: Please, call me Phil.
Nicholas: And the chap in green is my best mate, Scot-Michael.
Scot-Michael: Hey!

Nicholas: The orange gent is dear Peter Dakota...
Pete: Just Pete.
Nicholas: And this is Benjamin Roy, also known as BR.
BR: Welcome!
Noah: Whoa.  Anyone else?
Nicholas: No, that's the lot.  Er...for now.

BR: I like your work apron.  Do you like to work with wood?
Noah: I consider myself a bit handy, yeah.
The posh kid with the accent, Nicholas?...said you were looking for the tape measure?
Got a project going on?

BR: Daddy John is taking us to the furniture store to buy a new bed.  
We needed to measure bedroom space and frames and such.
Noah: Furniture store? Bag that!  Take me to the lumber store and I can whip up a new bed 
in a day or two and save the Daddies some money!
BR: Aces!  Let's ride!

Ride on, Magnificent 7!

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Meeting The New Boy V, Part 1

 Daddy John: Space has become a premium at Gregoropolis due to a couple of new siblings.  The Sensational 6 are about to meet one such arrival...

Noah: >♪ Hmmm ♫ hmmm ♬ hmmm ♪<

Nicholas Sahara: Great Richard the III's ghost! You gave me a fright.
Noah: Uh, sorry?

Scot-Michael: Nickles?  Did you find the tape measure?
Oh, hi.  Who's this?
Nicholas: Er, we hadn't gotten that far as of yet.

Philip Guy: Are you guys coming?
Stephen Orange: What's the hold up?
Noah: Did a clown car just let out?
Nicholas: Well, sir, we're just a bit flummoxed. 
We weren't expecting a stranger in the workshop.

Noah: My name's Noah Conrad and I guess I'm your new brother.
I heard about the workshop, so thought I'd see what's what.

Philip: >Are we sure he can see anything under those bangs?<
Scot-Michael:  >Ssshh!<

Stephen Orange: Oh lord, not another one!!!!