Saturday, June 19, 2021

Gardener's Wisdom

Harriet: What happened to the hostas?!
Giancarlo: They got burned in the heatwave we had.
Wyatt: But we watered everything!
Giancarlo: I think it was just too hot, too early.

Harriet: That's a shame.  I was hoping they'd be really pretty this year.
Giancarlo Al gardeners live in hope that this season will be the one when everything is perfect and beautiful.  The reality is that something always happens - it's either too wet or too dry, too hot or too cold.  There's a late frost or a hail storm; to say nothing of insects, rabbits, and those evil, evil squirrels.

Giancarlo: Instead of waiting for that perfect moment,
we need to embrace all of the imperfect moments.

Wyatt: You mean like this?
Giancarlo: Precisamente, i miei amici!

Harriet: You know, you're quite the philosopher.
Giancarlo: Well, after all, I am Italian...

Saturday, June 12, 2021

This Old Dog House

 Daddy John: BR has been spending his summer vacation building a house for Annabelle...

BR: >Whew!<  That was a lot of work.

BR: I hope Annabelle will like it.

BR: Time to add some homey touches.  A nice pad to lie down on...

BR: ...her pull-rope toy and chewy bone...

BR: Oh!  Mustn't forget her water dish!  It's going to be a hot summer...

BR: ...And a little personal flourish!

Annabelle: >Sniff, sniff<  Arf?
BR: What do you think, girl? 
Annabelle: Arf!
BR: Don't be thinking you're Snoopy and sleep on top!
Annabelle: >Boof<

BR: Your own little private space; away from... everything.
Annabelle: >Boof<
BR: Hmm.  Now I'm tempted to build one for myself!

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Bear-y Nice Postcards from The Last Frontier

 Daddy John: The boys have received a couple of postcards from my sister...

Pete Dakota: Hey, we got some mail from Auntie Sue!
BR: All the way from where she lives in Alaska.

BR: This one has a map and some facts about Alaska.  
You see can see her town listed on the map.  It's right near Anchorage.
Daddy John: Do you think she can see Russia from her house?
BR and Pete: What?
Daddy John: Never mind; old joke.

Pete: And this one has bear cubs on it.  
I wonder if there are a lot of bears in Alaska?

BR: Auntie Sue says the snow in her yard is all gone,
 but there's still quite a bit on the mountains.

Pete: Maybe Daddys John and Steve will take us there some day.
I'd like to see bear cubs.  And moose!
BR: But not up close.
Pete: Wouldn't want to get between Mama Bear and her cubs!

Saturday, May 22, 2021



Hello!  Gregoropolis will be on a short break while we take care of family and things.
We will be back soon with our continuing adventures!

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Teddy Bear Tea Party, Part 3

 After exhaustive preparations, the day of the party has finally arrived!

Holly Belle: Do you think this a good tea party hostess dress?
Meghan: Oh yes; that's lovely!

Alice: Everything looks so good.
Uli: Ja.  You both did very vell; with my supervision, of course.

Pamela: Tea's nearly ready!
Holly Belle: Perfect; right on time.
Meghan: Our guests should be here any minute.

And with those very words, the guests do begin to arrive.  They are all impressed by the fine array.

All: Ooooohhh!

As with all good parties, it's a very diverse group: bears, dolls, birds, frogs, cats, watering cans...

As everyone sips tea and eats treats, a very pleasant conversation ebbs and flows among the guests.

 >Chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter<

At the conclusion, everyone agrees it was a lovely tea party.  And no guest birds of prey ate any of the other guests...

Great party!  Thank you very much!  Merci, mes fleurs!

Leaving two exhausted, but beaming, hostesses.

Holly Belle: Well, that was certainly a success, if I do say so myself!
I wonder what our next project should be?
Meghan: I would vote for a nap!

Saturday, May 8, 2021

No Pants Day

 Friday was No Pants Day (Really, this is a thing.  Read about it here: Wikipedia: No Pants Day) and the boys gleefully participated.

Well, there was perhaps a bit less glee...

Stephen Orange: >sigh<  The things I do for this family.

Nicholas Sahara: Blimey, America is so dashed cheeky!
Scot-Michael: We are unfettered!  Liberated, even!

Not all Gregoropolis residents were impressed.

Holly Belle: >Ew!<  Boys!
Rhoda: >Ha-ha!<  Wicked! I'm in for next year!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Teddy Bear Tea Party, Part 2

 Preparations for the tea party are in full swing!

Holly Belle: So, Uli, we've been informed that some of these guests have very hearty appetites.
We need to make sure there's enough food.

Uli: >Ahem<  I can assure you that when I cook, no one ever leaves the table hungry.

Uli: My two assistants vill be helping me.
Meghan: Er, great.  We'll leave you to it, then.
Uli: Danke.

Uli: Luke und Alice, let us hop to it.  Do not just stand there until the birds roost on you.  
Luke: Yes, ma'am!
Alice: Oh my, this is so exciting!

Pamela: You came to the right person.  No one makes a better cup of tea than I do.
Even the vicar says so.
Holly Belle: We knew we could count on you!

Holly Belle: All right you two, we need to put those tables together.
Ezra: Why are we always moving furniture around here?

Holly Belle: >Sigh<  No, not that way!
Wesley: Good grief...

Holly Belle: Ah yes, much better.
Meghan: Now to get the dishes.

Meghan: This party is going to take every bit of crockery we have!
Holly Belle: Hmmm...and it won't all match.

Daphne: Oh sweetie, you don't want it to match.  
Nothing shrieks 'new money' like having everything match.
Holly Belle: Goodness!  We never even thought of that.
Meghan: Yes, thank you for telling us.
Daphne: That's what I'm here for.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Evil Squirrels

 Daddy Steve: Here at Gregoropolis, we love it when the magnolia tree blooms in the spring.

(Two years ago)

Apparently the squirrels love it, too.  
This spring they attacked it and destroyed almost every blossom.

We got some sheet metal and put it around the trunk in time to save a few of the flowers.

The kids are quite upset about it.

Giancarlo: I mascalzoni!  The scoundrels!
Daisy: Absolutely despicable!

Daisy: What should we do?
Giancarlo: Well, a la Sicilia, we would curse them and cast the evil eye. Il Malocchio!
Daisy: And that works?
Giancarlo: No, not really.  But it does make one feel better.

DaisyCurses to you, squirrels!  Begone!  >casts il malocchio< 

Daisy: How was that?
Giancarlo: Bravissima!  Well done!