Friday, November 30, 2018

The Big Reveal

Daddy Steve:  It's time to reveal the big surprise.  Have you guessed it yet?  If not, then Meghan and Robin will be happy to share it with  you.

Meghan: It's Sasha Morganthaler's 125th birthday!
Robin: Technically, it's the 125th anniversary of her birth.
Meghan: Whatever.  It's time to party!

Sasha M was born 125 years ago on November 30th, so we had a party to mark the special occasion.  And what a party it was!  We made lots of delicious food including cheese fondue, a traditional dish of Sasha's homeland of Switzerland.

Anthony: Frank, why don't you go mingle a little?
Frank: I am mingling--with these macarons.

Holly Belle: Oh, dear me, my bread came off of my fork!  According to tradition, I must kiss the man next to me.  >Tee-hee!<
John Martin: Uh, why don't we just shake hands instead?

Party decorations included the Swiss flag and, of course, the Sasha logo.

Luke: All this time I thought it was a Red Cross benefit.
Kaveh: >sigh<  The Red Cross is red on white; the Swiss flag is white on red.
Luke: You learn something new every day!
Sasha: It all looks so pretty!

Holly Belle organized a fashion show featuring original Frido clothes that reflected Sasha M's fashion aesthetic.

L to R: Miss Pink Party Dress, Misses Blond & Brunette Gingham, Miss Brown Cord, 
and Miss Dungarees.

Daphne: It was actually kind of a hoot to dress up in these old-timey outfits.

Even Rhoda got talked into participating -- with some concessions, of course.

Frederick: Hey!  Those are my clothes!

Sasha Morganthaler had a great love and interest in all of the world's cultures, so Ravi and Harriet dressed in traditional garb of India.

And although she loved traditional designs, Sasha M could also be right on trend; interpreting the fashions of the 1960s.  Here, Emile wears a Mondrian-inspired outfit popularized by Yves Saint Laurent.

Emile: But of course, Le French are zee experts on le haute couture.

What would a party be without music? Entertainment was provided by a band comprised of Gavin, Valerie, Bowie, Rolf, and Sebastian.  They were quite the swinging quintet!

Giancarlo took front & center with the band to sing a moving love ballad as only an Italian can.

Angelo: Bravo!  He's like a young Pavarotti!

Much of the party's conversation centered on Sasha's life and work, including some personal reminiscences...

Gino: Daisy, you actually had your photo taken with Sasha M!  What was it like?
Daisy: Well, I don't remember too much, though I recall that her furry coat tickled!

Everyone in Gregoropolis had a wonderful time; even some of the more reclusive residents made an appearance.

The evening ended with a toast to Sasha M.

All: Happy Birthday to the mother of us all!

Friday, November 23, 2018

The Big Secret, Part 3

Daddy Steve:  Here in Gregoropolis, work continues at a feverish pace in preparation for the secret event at the end of the month.  Today, the girls were digging out some vintage Frido fashions from their wardrobe.

Oliver: What's all that noise coming from the girls' room?
Giancarlo: I think they're having a little disagreement about something.
Oliver: Should we go find out what's wrong?
Giancarlo: Oh, no, not a wise idea.  Best to let them work it out themselves.
Wyatt: Yeah, we should definitely stay out of it.

Holly Belle: Alright girls, you all have the outfits you will be wearing.

Daphne: I don't know, Holly Belle.  This is a bit farmer-ish for an aristocratic girl like me.
Holly Belle: Now Daphne, even Marie Antoinette liked to dress up as a peasant girl sometimes.
Daphne: Well...I suppose...

Daisy: You're quite sure this dress is pink, and not beige?
Holly Belle: Yes, dear, it's pink.
Daisy: It looks sort of beige in this light.
Holly Belle: No, it's pink.
Daisy: You know I don't wear beige.
Holly Belle: Definitely pink.
Daisy: Barbara Cartland always said that beige makes women look like baked potatoes.
Holly Belle: PINK!

Holly Belle: Oh come on, Rhoda!  Won't you cooperate just this once?!
Rhoda: No way!  I don't wear dresses!

Holly Belle: Oh, I give up!  This whole thing is a shambles!
Ann Marie: Calm down, HB.  It will all work out fine.  And I think I know a way to reach a compromise with Rhoda...

Saturday, November 17, 2018

The Big Secret, Part 2

Daddy Steve:  The decorating committee is hard at work tracing, cutting, and pasting.  They're preparing for the end-of-the-month (secret) special event.

Ravi: It's hard to keep the paste from squishing out underneath.
Patrick: I think it dries clear.  Besides, everyone will be too busy eating fondue to notice.

Kaveh: The white circle should be a little off-center.
Sasha: Why?
Miguel: I think because it's 'art.'

Rhoda: What are you guys up to?
Kaveh: We're making decorations for the secret special party at the end of the month.
Rhoda: Oh, that's right.  I heard Frederick talking on the phone to Robin about it.
Sasha: Why would he call Robin?  We all live in the same house.
Rhoda: Not our Robin.  He was talking to some Robin in England.

Patrick: >sigh<  That blabbermouth.  I knew he would have trouble keeping a secret.

Patrick: So, Frederick, how many people have you spilled the beans to?
Frederick: Relax, it was just Robin.  You can trust him because he's a fellow redhead and we all have a code of silence.
Patrick: We do?

Frederick: Of course, he may have told his sister Saffron.  She's a redhead, too.  I don't know if that whole 'code of silence' thing applies to girls as well.  I wonder...

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Big Secret, Part 1

Daddy Steve: Anthony has been very busy in the kitchen this afternoon; he's not cooking, but planning...

Frank: Hey Tony, are you making treats for us?
Luke: Cookies?
Frank: Cupcakes?
Anthony: No, but there's some fresh fruit and carrot sticks in the refrigerator.

Luke: No thanks.  Well, then, what are you doing?
Anthony: I'm planning out a special menu.
Gavin: For Thanksgiving?
Anthony: No, for the very special event right after Thanksgiving.  You know, the special secret event?

Anthony: Here, look at this cookbook I'm reading.
Frank: "Fabulous Fondues."  What's a fondue?

Gavin: Oh, I've heard of those!  It's a big bubbling pot of melted cheese that you dip things like bread and meat in using funny looking forks.  It's a traditional dish of the...
Anthony: >AHEM<
Gavin: ...from the country of...
Anthony: >AHEM<
Gavin: Oh, wait, that's part of the secret, isn't it?
Anthony: >sigh< 

Luke: Don't worry, Tony.  You know how good we are at keeping secrets!
Anthony: Yes.  And that's exactly what I'm afraid of...


Monday, November 5, 2018

Election Day

Everybody in Gregoropolis is doing their civic duty today: they're voting!

Election judge Patrick helps Ravi get registered...

Election judge Holly Belle watches as Charles, Rolf, and Valerie all cast their ballots...

And Frank passes out "I Voted" stickers to Daphne, Benjamin Roy, and Kaveh.

Frank: Here's your sticker, sir.  Thank you for voting!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Día de los Muertos

Miguel: ¡Hola, amigos!

Miguel: ¡Lo siento!  I did not mean to frighten you!  Here in Gregoropolis, we are celebrating Día de los Muertos or, as you would say, Day of the Dead.  It is a holiday celebrated throughout my homeland of México.  Me gusta celebrar con una máscara de calavera...I like to celebrate wearing a skull mask.

Miguel: For Día de Muertos, we gather together to remember family and friends who have died and support them on their spiritual journey.  But that does not mean we cannot have fun, too!    Calaveras y esqueletos (skulls and skeletons) are a common symbol of the celebrating!  Oh, and there are candy skulls to share, too!  I know mi hermano Frank will like that.

Miguel: Also to celebrate, I built an ofrenda for mi abuelo.  It is an altar to honor my late grandfather.  We decorate the ofrenda with things related to the deceased person: their favorite belongings and food and snacks.

Miguel: He was a very good handyman, so I put out his favorite hammer & nails.  He liked to watch NASCAR and Minnesota Twins baseball and play cards, so those hobbies are represented.  Also, his favorite drinks and snacks. I hope he likes it.

Miguel: ¡Feliz Día de los Muertos!