Saturday, February 24, 2024

'Tis The Season


Frederick: Hmmm...what are those two fools up to now?
Logan: I don't know.  Let's ask.

Logan: I say, what are you two foo--
Frederick: >Ahem!< We were just wondering what you guys were doing.

Luke: We're collecting lint.
Logan: Did Uli put you to work cleaning?
That's one tidy fraulein.
Oliver: No, 'tis the season!

Frederick: Season?
Luke: The season of lint.

Frederick: Uh, I think you mean 'Lent.'
Oliver: That's another way of saying it.
Logan: Oh, like po-tay-toe, po-tah-toe, right?
Luke: Huh?
Logan: Never mind...

Frederick: Well, good luck, guys.  I hope you get all that lint disposed of.
Oliver: Oh, we can't throw it out.  We have to save it.
Logan: Save lint? Why?
Luke: What do you think Easter dust bunnies are made of?

Logan: Wow...
Frederick: As Patrick would say, 'so illogical'!

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Super Dreams

Benjamin Roy: This is the best kind of slumber party.
Pete Dakota: I know!

BR: Best friends!
Pete: Comic books!
Both: Pizza!

And soon...

BR: Zzzzzzzzzz
Pete: Zzzzzzzzzzz

BR has forgotten what pizza before bed does to him...

Super Pete: Aquaben!  I don't think we can defeat 
Zigmond and his sea monsters by ourselves!

Aquaben: We'll have to call in the rest of the Super Friends!

Aquaben: Wonder Rhoda!  Help us battle these monsters!
Wonder Rhoda: Sorry, boys, I have to use my magic lasso on the evil
Frank-Man to discover what he did with all the chocolate Easter Bunny ears.
Gotta shake a leg.  Maybe tomorrow!

Aquaben: Chocolate?
Super Pete: Shake?

BR: >Gasp< Wow!

BR: Pete! Pete, wake up!
Pete: Zzzhff...>snort<...Huh?
BR: I had the craziest dream!
Pete: Okay, let's go >yawn< into the kitchen.

Pete: Why did the dream make you hungry for chocolate shakes?
BR: I...I can't remember any of it now!

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Be Your Own Valentine

Nathan: Hey John Martin, it's February 10th.  Do you know what's coming up soon?
John Martin: Uh, Groundhog Day?
Nathan: Guess again.  It involves hearts and flowers, and candy.

John Martin: Oh no.  Not Valentine's Day!
Nathan: Indeed!  And that means we'll soon be inundated with 'subtle hints' from Holly Belle
and Meghan.  I guess we'd better go to the store and get them some boxes of chocolate.
John Martin: >Sigh< The whole thing makes me feel a bit put upon.

Holly Belle: I just had the most delicious raspberry cream filled chocolate.  Heaven!
Meghan: Blech...I think this one had coconut in it.
Holly Belle: Throw it in the 'Frank Bowl.'
Meghan: We're lucky that boy will eat anything.

Nathan: Hello, ladies, we just wanted to let you know that we're off to get you
your Valentine's Day candy.  No hints or reminders necessary.
John Martin: Yes.  Fear not; we remembered!

Meghan: Don't bother.  We bought ourselves Valentine's candy this year.
Holly Belle: Yeah, we're liberated women.  We can wrangle our own chocolate!

Nathan and John Martin: What?!?

John Martin: Hmph.  I'm feeling a bit redundant!
Nathan: I know what you mean.  I wonder if this is how the dinosaurs felt.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Not So Smoothie


Serena: Oh my, this looks serious.
Dan Ryan: Guess what I'm doing!

Serena: By the looks of it, I'd say you just pureed Sigmund the Sea Monster.
Dan Ryan: What? No, I'm making a health drink!  It's my New Year's resolution.

Serena: Wow, I'm impressed that you've kept it going for over a month now.
Dan Ryan: Er, well, not exactly.  I got a bit of a late start.

Serena: 'A late start' in starting today?
Dan Ryan: Er, uhhh, yeah.
Serena: Hey, no judgement here.  I haven't even looked at my Marie Kondo book yet.
Come to think of it, I can't even find it.

Dan Ryan: I'm totally committed now, though.  
I read that if you drink one of these every day, you'll live longer.
Serena: I have no doubt it will seem longer.
Gosh, who would have thought of putting bananas and kale together?

Dan Ryan: Well, here's to health!  Would you like a glass?
Serena: I'll pass for now.  Cheers!

Dan Ryan: Oh, blecccchh! Ick!  Phooey! This stuff is awful!
Serena: Imagine that.  
Come on, honey, let me make you my version of a health drink.

Serena: You've got to nourish the soul, too, you know?
Dan Ryan: Right.  I'm feeling healthier already!