Saturday, August 26, 2023

Book Lover's Dilemma

Blake: Hi, Frederick.  What're you up to?
Frederick: I'm looking for something to read.
Blake: Oooh!  I've got just the book for you!

Blake: I just finished this one and it's amazing!
Frederick: Hmmm, I'll give it a try.

Frederick: Gosh, this really is a good book!  I can't put it down.

Uli: Supper is ready.
Frederick: Be there in a minute; just one more page.
Uli: >Grumble< Nein! Food now, page later.  >Grumble<

Carolyn: We're going for a walk.  Would you like to join us?
Frederick: Thanks, but I have to finish this chapter.

Wyatt: Want to go outside and play, Frederick?
Frederick: Maybe later...

Blake: Good grief, are you still up?
Frederick: I just have to find out how it ends!

Frederick: Wow, you were right.  This book was totally awesome!
Blake: Great, now turn off the lights and go to sleep!

Frederick: >Sigh<
Daphne: What's wrong?
Frederick: I shouldn't have read it so fast...

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Barbie, Barbie, what's all the fuss?


The Girls: >Swoon< Ahhh, Ken....

Marta: Ken's so handsome!
Ann Marie: He's so debonaire!
Harriet: He's so...bendy!

Nathan: >Hmmpf< If you ask me, he looks like
he's never had an idea in his head.

Harriet: The way he said that you would almost think it's a bad thing.
Marta: Well, you know how men are.
Ann Marie: We're all better off when they don't have ideas.

Holly Belle: I don't see what all the fuss is about Barbie.

Holly Belle: The girl literally can't even stand on her own two feet.

Holly Belle: Whereas I'm a real independent woman.  I know what I want, 
and I go for it.  And I don't let anything discourage me.

Meghan: That's so true, Holly Belle!  You're a real trail blazer!

Tyler: I'll say!  She blazes a trail of dust and chaos wherever she goes!
Mikko: Just like the Tasmanian Devil in the cartoons!
Mikko and Tyler: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Tyler: >Chuckle, snort< Oh, er, yeah, maybe we should go play outside now.
Mikko: >Ahem< Uh, good idea...
Holly Belle: Probably the best one you've had all day.

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Scooby-Doo Life Lessons


Frank: Lunch time is my favorite time of day.
Right next to dinner, breakfast, and snack time.
Ravi: Yes, Frank, we know.

Rhoda: Patrick, I have to say I'm surprised by your choice in lunchboxes.
Patrick: It's a good lunchbox.
Rhoda: Oh, no doubt.  It's just that Scooby-Doo seems a bit, uh, whimsical
for a serious guy like yourself.

Ravi: Oh believe me, he has a whimsical side.
Patrick: >Ahem< Yes, well, there's actually a lot that we can all learn from Scooby-Doo.

Rhoda: Do tell.
Patrick: It rejects fear and superstition in favor of rational analysis.
It employs logic to unravel mysteries.  Everything gets sorted out in the end.
Rhoda: That's true.

Frank: I like the way Scooby and Shaggy can fit ginormous sandwiches in their mouths.

Rhoda: I guess you can even learn something from cartoons.

Frank: That's why I watch Looney Tunes.
Ravi: Oh really, Frank; and what have you learned from that?
Frank: I've learned about opera.
Patrick Fair point.  What else?

Frank: Hmmm...Oh! Watch out for anvils falling from the sky!
Rhoda: Right, Frank.  Because that happens so often in life.

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Summer Holiday

 Hello!  We're taking our summer hols this week and will be back soon with more antics of Team Gregoropolis!