Saturday, March 27, 2021

Let's Take A Walk, Maybe

Scot-Michael: Which one are you reading?
Nicholas Sahara: A gentleman called 'The Aquaman.'  I believe he's Daddy John's favourite.

BR: Hi guys.  We're taking the dogs out, then going for a walk.  
Pete Dakota: Would you like to go with?

Nicholas: Oh, a perambulation would be lovely!  Do let's!
Scot-Michael: Perambulation?

Scot-Michael: We'll just grab our jackets and meet you outside.
Nicholas: We shan't be a tick!
Pete: Ready for a walk, girl?
Denali: Whoof!

Scot-Michael: I'm ready!  Wait, what's wrong?
Nicholas: Oh dear, it's my footwear...

Nicholas: These sandals are lovely, but not suitable for strolling about.
I must find a proper pair of trainers.
Scot-Michael: Well, hurry up.  We don't want to keep them waiting.
Nicholas: I shan't be a tick!

BR: Where are those guys?

Stephen Orange: Where are you guys going?
Nicholas: We're going on walkabout with BR and Peter.  Do join us.
Stephen: Okay, just need to grab a sweater.
Scot-Michael: Be quick about it! 

Stephen: All right, I'm ready to go.
Nicholas: Oh dear...
Scot-Michael: Now what?
Nicholas: I'm missing my scarf.  I'll just go back and find it.
Scot-Michael: >Sigh<  Nicholas...
Nicholas: No, no, shan't be a tick!

Stephen: Er, does he not...
Scot-Michael: No, he does not.  Give him a second; he'll work it out.
At least, it better only take a second...

Pete: Where are those guys?

Nicholas: Drat it all, I couldn't find it!  .....Oh.
Well...aren't I the daft old sausage?

Stephen: Where are they?
Scot-Michael: I found a note.  "We got tired of waiting and left on our walk.
We'll see you later.  Signed, BR & Pete."
Stephen: We'll just go on our own walk, then.

Nicholas: Oh dear, then I'll just need to --
Scot-Michael: No, you don't.  Let's perambulate.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

St. Patrick's Day 2021

 Some scenes how we celebrated St. Patrick's Day here at Gregoropolis...

Tyler: Hey Patrick, it's your day!
Patrick: Er, yes, quite.

Mikko: Did you know that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland?
Tyler: Yeah, how cool is that?

Patrick: Actually, Ireland, like many other islands, never had snakes.  When it was still connected to a larger landmass, the ice age made it too chilly for cold-blooded reptiles.  As the ice melted around 10,000 years ago, the increased water level created the now impassable expanse 
between Ireland and its neighbors.

Mikko: Ugh, he turns everything into a science lesson!
Ravi: I know, isn't it great?!

Dan Ryan: In Chicago, where I come from, they dye the river green on St. Patrick's Day!
Uli: Ach, that sounds too messy.

Daphne: Corned beef & cabbage is a traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner.
Frank: Yeahhhhh, I'm more of a 'candy holiday' person.
Wendel: Cabbage gives me gas.

Valerie: Look!  A pot of gold!
Bowie: We're rich!
Valerie: Let's use it to buy clothes!
Bowie: No, guitars!

Valerie: No, shoes!
Bowie: Legos!

Valerie: Books!
Bowie: And Waffles!

Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day!

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Spring Ahead


Ann Marie: Daylight Savings Time starts tonight, so we have to remember 
to move the clock ahead before we go to bed.
Luke: Yeah!  That means I get an extra hour of sleep!

Ann Marie: No, Luke, you lose an hour.  "Spring ahead, fall back."
Luke: But if I go ahead, I get more.  Right?

Ann Marie: No, you get less.  If you move the clock ahead an hour, then that hour is gone.
Luke: I don't know if I like this idea.  Well, when do I get the hour back?

Ann Marie: In the fall, when we go back on standard time.  
You know: "Spring ahead, fall back."  >Sigh<
Luke Actually, I would like to get it back in June; like maybe June 15th?
That way it will be nice and warm and we can play outside in the sun.

Ann Marie: Yes, that would be nice, but it doesn't work that way.
We'll get that hour back in November.
Luke: But then it will be winter again!  What a dumb idea!  
What are we trying save anyway?!?

Ann Marie: >Sigh< ...certainly not my patience...

Saturday, March 6, 2021


 Daddy John: BR is the handyman of Gregoropolis (usually putting back together what Mikko and Tyler take apart), and is planning a big project for the spring...

BR: Now, let's see.  The width and length of a dog house should be about 25% larger than the dog's nose-to-flank length...Argh, this isn't working.

Stephen Orange: Hello BR.  Um, what are you doing?
BR: I'm trying to draw plans of a dog house for Annabelle.
Stephen: That's a Lite Brite.
BR: Mighty observant of you, Aunt Gertrude.

Stephen: Don't be tart.  At this rate, you'd be better off with an Etch-A-Sketch.
BR: I couldn't find any graph paper and someone is using the laptop!  My options were limited!
Stephen: I've got some graph paper in my lab.  I'll be right back.

Stephen: Here you go.  Much better.
BR: Thanks.  Sorry about before.
Stephen: It's all right; I understand.  Science is fraught with tension.

BR: Okay, so cut the 2x4 boards into four pieces, with two at 22½ inches long and two at 23 inches long for a medium sized dog...wait, is Annabelle medium? Large?  ARGHHHHH!!!!

Nicholas Sahara: Hullo Benjamin!  Stephen mentioned you were looking for the laptop.                      I'm afraid I was pigging it.
Scout: 'Hogging.'

Nicholas: Dear Scout was showing me a smashing website where 
a woman named Betsy sells all sorts of arts and crafts.  
Scout: 'Etsy.' 
Nicholas: Er, yes, well.  Here's the computer, old boy.  
BR: Thanks, guys.

BR: Now we're cooking with gas!

Some time (and a lot of printer ink) later...

BR: Okay, we have plans.  Watch out, Tom Silva; BR in da house!

BR: Yes, this one looks best.

BR: What do you think, girl?  Ready for your own pupper condo?
Annabelle: Arf! Arf!