Saturday, February 25, 2023

Ouija Wanna Have Fun

 Some of the kids have decided to delve into the mysteries of the occult...

Scot-Michael: Eenie Meenie, Chili Beanie; the spirits are about to speak!
Rhoda: Is anyone there?  Can you tell us your name?

Scot-Michael: It's moving!  It's spelling something out!
Philip Guy: What is it spelling?
Scot-Michael: M-Y-N-A-M-E-I-S-A-U-G-U-S-T-U-S-G-L-O-O-P

Philip: Whoa.  Uh, nice to meet you, Augustus?
Rhoda: Did you have a good life, Augustus?
Scot-Michael: I-T-W-A-S-FU-L-L-O-F-C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E

Rhoda: I wonder if he has unfinished business with the living?
Philip: What could it be?

Scot-Michael: I-P-L-E-A-D-M-Y-D-E-S-C-E-N-D-A-N-T-S-

Frank: Wha-Huh?
Pete Dakota: What is it, Frank?  What's wrong?
Frank: I could swear someone just called my name.

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Noah Conrad vs. The Laundry


Nicholas SaharaOh, my sainted aunt! That boy is impossible!

Scot-Michael: Which one, and why?

Nicholas: Noah Conrad!  I simply asked him for his dungarees--
Scot-Michael: 'Overalls.'
Nicholas: --for the laundry and he threw such a wobble.
Scot Michael: What'd he say?

Nicholas: Oh, a lot of twaddle about 'preserving the denim color' and 'sturdiness of the fabric.' 
He didn't want them to lose their form and fit.

Noah Conrad: A true workman never washes his uniform in order to underline 
the seriousness of, and devotion to, his craft.  Every stain and splatter badges of honor.

Scot-Michael: Well, he does take his woodworking seriously.
Nicholas: Load of old tosh, if you ask me.
Scot-Michael: How'd you finally get him to give them up?
Nicholas: I said if he wanted to earn the badge for Household Pong, fine but 
not to come running to me to draw him a bath.
Scot-Michael: Nice.
Nicholas: I promised to bring them back straight away once they were out of the dryer
and laid out a pair of dear Benjamin's overalls that he could wear in the interim.

Noah: Argh. I look like a banker.

Saturday, February 11, 2023

A Gentle Reminder

Holly Belle: May I have your attention, everyone!  This is just a friendly little reminder that Valentine's Day is only three days away.  That's three days.  Just an FYI.  
Not saying you have to act on it.

Meghan: Although it might not be a bad idea.
Holly Belle: Yes, it might not be a bad idea.

John Martin: Good grief, here we go again.
Nathan: Those two have all the subtlety of a sledge hammer.
Ann Marie: You're lucky.  They had discussed starting this blitz a week earlier, 
but wanted to prove that they could be patient.

Nathan: Just what makes them think that we haven't already 
bought them something for Valentine's Day?
John Martin: Yeah! What makes them think that we didn't remember?

Barbara: <snort> Oh please, you boys remember?!?
Beatrix: That's hilarious!

Nathan: Well!  I'm a bit offended.  Maybe we should just ignore the whole thing.
John Martin: I completely agree.

John Martin: Hmm...on the other hand...

Nathan: Perhaps it's better to be safe than sorry.
John Martin: I completely agree.
Nathan: Time for a trip to the store.

Nathan and John Martin: Happy Valentine's Day, girls!
Meghan: Oh, what a surprise!
Holly Belle: How sweet of you!  You really shouldn't have.
Nathan: Oh, we know...

Frank: Where's my box of candy??

Saturday, February 4, 2023

We've Been Busy!

 Daddy Steve: We haven't blogged for a whole month, but that doesn't mean we've been lounging about, twiddling our thumbs.  Lots of projects have been going on here at Gregoropolis!

Tyler: I can't believe Holly Belle talked you into wallpapering this room.
Didn't you paint it not long ago?
John Martin: She said that the old color didn't photograph very well.
Tyler: Good grief!
Mikko: At least the bubblegum color is gone.

In addition to some redecorating, I've worked to make the kids' bedrooms more fully realized.  Both rooms now have their own decorated backdrops.  The girls have a new chair for their room, as well as some stylish new bedding.  It's very difficult to find tasteful doll bedding.   So much of what is available on Etsy is childishly gaudy.

Daphne: Why do they always assume girls are obsessed with unicorns?
Rhoda: Yeah, what's up with that anyway?
Meghan: Of course, Daddy Steve could have made the bedding himself.

Fair point girls.  However, I did finally make cushions for the bentwood chair set.

Robin: I remember that fabric.  Didn't he buy that like five years ago?
Daisy: Well, you know, things move slowly around here.

Some of our biggest projects involved organizing.  The kids have their own room, but previously they were scattered around everywhere--mostly standing on the floor or on big people chairs.  While this haphazard arrangement was charming to begin with, as the Sasha population increased it became very impractical.

Clearly, we needed to switch to more high-density urban living.  We took a trip to IKEA and bought materials to build a large three-level shelving unit--a Sasha High-Rise!

I'm not a fan of IKEA (frankly, it's a madhouse), but it was the only place that had suitable shelving.  So much of the shelving available is not quite tall enough for Sasha dolls, having less than 17 inches between tiers.  It fit together and is quite sturdy (actually more so than it appears!).  I did make my own modification by adding guard rails around the upper shelves.  Sasha dolls are famous for their balance and stability, but nevertheless a fall from a high shelf could lead to a nasty ding or scrape.

Duncan: Eeep!  It's a long way down!
Logan: I dare you to let go of the railing.

Bowie: These 'instructions' are just pictures!
Valerie: Basically, I think you just want to avoid doing anything
that makes the little man look sad.

I have to say that I really enjoy being able to see them all together at once.

Alice: Why does he just sit there and stare at us?
Sylvia: Because we have to be seen to be believed.
Paul: That's what the Queen always said!

I also spent a lot of time organizing original outfits--sorting, wrapping in archival tissue paper, and labeling who they originally belonged to.  I love many of the original Gotz outfits, and we do use them from time to time.

However, I'm not so crazy about the original English clothes, with a few exceptions.  It's doubtful many of those outfits will ever see the light of day again, but I do feel that it's important to keep them.

In a similar vein, I have a hard time getting rid of original Sasha boxes.  We had a number of them taking up space in the basement.  I think making the case to save is even harder here.  While the early 'crayon tubes' were well-designed, the later boxes are completely unremarkable and usually not in great shape.  I still wasn't ready to pitch them out though, so I flattened them and put them all in one container.

I suspect this is just an interim step to eventually throwing them away.  That's the thing about cleaning and organizing--sometimes you're just not ready to do what needs to be done.