Saturday, July 31, 2021


 Daddy John: A mysterious package has arrived in Gregoropolis...

BR: We got a box from Aunt Michelli in Alaska!
Nicholas Sahara: Whatever can it be?
Scot-Michael: Well, men, let's open it up!

Pete Dakota: Oooh, is that what I think it is?
Stephen Orange: What are you thinking?

BR: Oof, Scot-Michael, help me lift it out.

Pete: A dogsled!  Wow, thanks Auntie 'Chel!

Nicholas: A dog...sled?  I am picturing dachshunds on toboggans?
Scot-Michael: >sigh<  I need to get you out more.

Stephen Orange: Dog sleds have been used in the Arctic for at least 2000 years and were the only land transportation in Arctic areas until the 20th century.  There are two famous dog sled races now; the Iditarod Trail in Alaska and the John Beargrease, here in Minnesota.

BR: Pete, do you think Denali would be our sled dog?
Pete: Ha-ha, she would love it!
Nicholas: Er, lads, won't we first need snow?
Scot-Michael: Now there's a thought.

Pete: What do you think, girl?  Maybe some running around in the backyard for training?
Denali: Arf, arf!  ("I'm in!")

Scot-Michael: How do we look?
Stephen: Professional mushers, to be sure.

Uli: Ach!  Vot are you doing?!  Not in the house; I just vacuumed!

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Fancy Pants

 Daddy Steve:  Rhoda and Blake are eager to show off the colorful new shorts that we got from Ginny of A Passion for Sasha.

Rhoda loves the update of a classic Argyle pattern...

...while Blake thinks his shorts are completely out of this world!

Rhoda: We're totally stylin'!

Blake: You know it!

Bowie, who likes to be a bit different, picked up on the alien theme too, only with a shirt.

Bowie: We're just a couple of space cadets!

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Hair Today

 Daddy Steve: Most Sasha folks are well aware of the 'falling hair' problem that sometimes afflicts the older English brunettes.  For some reason (probably related to chemicals in the dye), the hair can become weak and brittle, causing it to break off at the root.  However, the brunettes are so lovely that we all go ahead and buy them anyway, hoping they will have 'good hair.'

I've been pretty lucky in this regard, but it was not to be the case with Logan, a 1968 Gregor.  I found Logan last fall on eBay with a very reasonable buy-it-now price.  The seller advertised him as having never been removed from his tube, and I do think that may have been true.  Certainly he was never played with or displayed.  His tube still had the often missing cardboard disk/stand on the lid.  Inside, he was still packed in a long plastic sleeve with a sponge foam cushion (I remember that my childhood Gregor was packaged the same way).

Logan's face paint was vibrant!  The lips, which so often fade to a putty color were still coral pink.  His vinyl was completely matte, with no marks or scratches.  He basically looked the same as when he left the factory over 50 years ago.  However, all those years sealed in his tube did not help his hair at all.  He was shedding like a Christmas tree in July...

Because he was so pristine otherwise, I felt that he deserved a new head of rooted hair.  Re-rooting a Sasha doll is no small task.  The original rooting process was lightning fast--probably taking only a minute or two.  Replacing all that hair must be done by hand, and can take many hours.  After the actual re-rooting, the hair has to be cut, styled, and made to lay 'just right.'  Boy dolls can be more problematic as their shorter hair doesn't have as much weight to help it lay flat.

Lovely, but that hair wouldn't last for long...

I decided to send Logan to a lady in Spain named Jackie Rydstrom.  Jackie specializes in re-rooting Sasha dolls.  Some of her clients are like Logan; brunettes with falling hair, while others are victims of 'junior hairdressers.'  She does absolutely marvelous work, which you can see here:

So, I sent Logan off and waited.  You may recall that with all the pandemic chaos across the world, winter 2020-2021 was not the best time to attempt to ship anything internationally.  Logan eventually arrived in Spain after traveling for over a month (and with an inexplicable detour through Poland).  Jackie went right to work on him. 

First, she had to remove all of his old hair, which wasn't difficult at all.  Basically all she had to do was wash it and it pretty much disintegrated.  Then it was a matter of threading bunches of new hair into each rooting hole--again and again.  After all the new hair is in place, the artistry takes over:  trimming, feathering, layering, and shaping.

After washing, everything fell out except for a small clump in the back.  
He looks a bit like Pharaoh's son in the movie The Ten Commandments.

Re-rooting in progress.

Re-rooting complete (but not cutting and styling).
Now he looks like one of those swashbuckling heroes on the cover of romance novels.

All finished and back home in Minnesota.

I really love Logan's new hair.  It does the same thing that an expert haircut does on a big person; by framing and accentuating his handsome features, particularly his wonderful arched eyebrows.  It's also great to have a brunette with truly rock-solid hair.  He'll probably be a bit of a daredevil.

Anthony: Just because you've got new hair, you don't need to get cocky, kid!
Tyler: Coooooollll.....
Mikko: Aw, don't listen to Mr. Stick-in-the-mud!

The girls are certainly impressed with Logan's new hair.

Marta: Ooooh, so soft!
Daphne: And yet so firm!
Logan: Oh, ladies, behave!

Saturday, July 10, 2021


Daddy Steve: Sasha and Teddy are enjoying some tea and friendly conversation.  These two need no introductions; they've known each other for ages.  Sasha, of course, is my childhood Gregor doll -- the charter member of the Gregoropolis gang.  Teddy, however, is even older.  He belonged to my mom when she was a little girl.  Later on he was passed to me.

Sasha: Shall I be mother?
Teddy: Yes, please.  Do you have any honey?

My mom with Teddy, around 1949.  I believe the overalls that he's wearing were original to him.

Me with Teddy in 1966.  By this time he had acquired the Phillips 66 outfit, made by my grandmother.

When I was little, I decided that Teddy should have a sweater.  Even bears can get chilly!  So, my grandmother crocheted this green one.

Teddy: I think I look very stylish.

Considering that he's over seventy years old, he's in pretty good shape.  His fur is a little worn down in some places, and he's had a number of red felt tongues replaced.

As a child, I always called him Corduroy after the popular children's' book published in the late 1960s.  It recently occurred to me that my mom obviously had a different name for him, but I have no idea what it was.  If you try to ask Teddy, he just changes the subject.

Teddy bears can be secretive, and I suppose he must feel that it was a very personal detail between him and a little girl a long, long time ago.  So for now, we just call him Teddy.

Teddy: I've got all of my buttons!
Sasha: Indeed you do, my friend.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Frank's Girlfriend

Ann Marie: Frank, that shirt looks really nice on you.
Valerie: Yes, very handsome.
Frank Why, thank you!  My girlfriend thinks so, too.

Ann Marie: Girl--
Valerie: --friend?!?

Meghan: Frank has a girlfriend?
Holly Belle: Oh good grief; now I've heard everything!
Ann Marie: Who could it be?
Valerie: Obviously someone who doesn't mind cookie crumbs all over everything.
Holly Belle: Oooh, I hate it when I don't know what's going on!
We need to investigate!

Meghan: Did Frank tell you he has a girlfriend?
Blake: Frank says so many weird things that it's hard to keep track.
Wendell: Besides, we forget stuff.

Holly Belle: Well you're certainly not likely to forget something like that!
Ezra: Like what?
Holly Belle:  >Sigh<

Blake: Why don't you just ask Frank?
Holly Belle: Hmm.  Yes, I'm always a fan of the direct approach.

Holly Belle: All right, Frank, we want to know about this girlfriend.
Frank: Well, she's very sweet.  And she come from a quality background.
Meghan: Just tell us who she is!
Frank: Come on; I'll show you her portrait.

Frank: Ladies, may I present Miss Sweetly!

Meghan: Your the lady on the chocolate tin?
Holly Belle >Hmph<  I might have known.
Valerie:  I have to admit, she's perfect for you.

Ann Marie: And what does Major Quality think of all this?
Frank: Oh, he's a decent sort of chap.  He makes a good chaperone when I'm
not around, but he doesn't have my panache and sophistication!