Saturday, November 25, 2023

Holiday Time Is Family Time, Part 2


Old Alice: Her name is Swifty Taylors, or something like that, and she looks like 
she's 12 years old.  I had a parakeet that could sing better than that.
Now, Rosemary Clooney - she was a singer!  Have you seen the price of eggs lately?!?
Why, in 1950 you could get a dozen for 60¢.  You give those chickens an inch, and 
they'll take a mile.  Say, have I told you about my bunion?
Ezra: >Sigh<

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Holiday Time Is Family Time, Part 1


Ezra: Hey, what are you guys up to?
Ravi: Patrick and I are working on an extra credit research project.
Ezra: I thought your teacher said you've turned in too many of those already.
Patrick: It's really for our own edification.
Ezra: Well, rock on then.

Anthony: I'm creating a seating chart for Thanksgiving dinner next week.
I always say that a well-planned family event 
is a happy and harmonious event.
Patrick: >Snort< That's the theory, anyway.
Ravi: >Giggle<

Ezra: Wait a minute, how come you got me sitting next to Old Alice?!?
Anthony: Now, now, Old Alice is a very nice person.
Ezra: Nice...and loony! She says weird things, and always talks about how much more
expensive everything is compared to the 1950s.  And she's always going on and on
about her health ailments.  Why does she do that?

Anthony: >Sigh< I'm not sure.  I think after you've spent a long, long time
being rational, sensible, and coherent, at last your brain just sort of rebels, maybe?
Patrick: Good grief, what a horrible thought!
Ravi: Don't worry, cupcake.  I'm sure that will never happen to you.
Patrick: I certainly hope not!

Anthony: Just nod your head and smile.  It's a good life skill to learn.
Ezra: >Mutter< >Grumble<

Ezra: Don't you guys have any sympathy for me?
Ravi: We have to sit next to Holly Belle...
Patrick: So, in a word, no.


Saturday, November 4, 2023

Bake It Easy

Today, November 4th, is National Easy-Bake Oven® Day!  Really!  

It was exactly 60 years ago on this day that the iconic toy debuted, and since then millions of kids have enjoyed baking strange little flat cakes with the power of an ordinary light bulb.  You can learn more about this rich history here: National Easy-Bake Oven Day - November 4 (

Holly Belle: Found it!  Ready to bake some cakes?

Meghan: Are you sure it's safe?
Holly Belle: Oh yes, I checked all the mixes and they're not too expired.
Meghan: No, I mean remember how we caught Mikey shoving jigsaw pieces inside it?*
Holly Belle: Oh, I remember--that little monster!
No, Daddy Steve took it apart and cleaned them all out.

*A very young Daddy Steve actually did the same thing to his cousin's Easy-Bake Oven
and he got in trouble, too!

Meghan: Hmmm, I don't know.
Holly Belle: Now what's wrong?
Meghan: Well, it's just that Tyler and Mikko were talking, and 
they said the Easy-Bake Oven was invented to teach girls to be good housewives.  
Oh Holly Belle, I don't want to be a good housewife!

Holly Belle: Good grief, you should never listen to anything those two fools say!

Holly Belle: Baking is an act of creative self-expression, not unlike music or art.
Why, Van Gogh could just as easily have been a pastry chef as a painter!
Meghan: Really?
Holly Belle: Of course.  And he wouldn't have lost an ear, either.

Meghan: Well, that makes me feel better.  I just don't want to be
a pawn in some big societal conformity scheme.
Holly Belle: Being an iconoclast myself, I totally get that.  So, are you ready to bake?

Meghan: Sure!  But let's promise each other that we'll never become 'good housewives'!
Holly Belle:  It's a deal, sister!