Saturday, February 26, 2022


 Holly Belle feels like she needs a little therapy to work through some issues, so she consults with Kaveh, our resident counselor...

Kaveh: So, what have you been thinking?
Holly Belle: I feel out of touch.  I used to know everything that was
going on around here.  Now things happen, and I don't even know about them.

Kaveh: Well, it's rather difficult to know everything that happens.
Plus, if you did know everything, that would take all the mystery out of life.
Holly Belle: Is that something Freud said?
Kaveh: Actually, I think it was Monty Python.

Kaveh: Most importantly, you don't need to know everything to be appreciated by all of us.  
You're valued here, you know!

Holly Belle: That's true...

Holly Belle: Hey!  I just want you two to know that I'm valued around here!

John Martin: Huh? What is she...? We never said you weren't!

Nathan: Say, Holly Belle, how about if the three of us watch a movie together?
That would be fun, right John Martin?
John Martin: Umm...sure.

Nathan: Feeling a little more valued now, Holly Belle?
Holly Belle: Yes. As a matter of fact, I am.  Thank you.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Mush! (Part 2)

Daddy John: Pete Dakota has determined the weather is now perfect to test out the present from Aunt Michelli.  He and Denali have been making tracks all day!

Pete Dakota: Mush, Denali!  Go, girl!
Denali: Woof!

Of course, a good sled dog ride is always better with a friend.

Scot-Michael: Yee-haw!

Scot-Michael: Pete, this is amazing!  
Pete Dakota: And Denali loves it!  She never seems to tire.

Denali: Woof, yip! (Translation: Must go faster, must go faster!)

During the longer stretches, the silence of the snow, with only Denali's occasional barks for sound, leads to some zen moments...

Pete Dakota: Unless you're the lead dog, the view never changes.

Scot-Michael: Today the backyard...

Pete Dakota:...tomorrow the John Beargrease and the Iditarod!
Denali: WOOF!

Saturday, February 12, 2022

The Adventures of AquaBen

Daddy John: The Aquaman costume from Auntie Beth has been a big hit for Benjamin Roy (BR).  He simply won't take it off.  Even when he goes to bed!  At least we got him to take off the belt and boots when he climbs in...

What dreams of adventure has a boy?

BR: I am AquaBen! .... >snore<

AquaBen is out on his daily sea patrol...

AquaBen: It's my octopus friend, Topo!  What's up, Topo?
Scuba thieves raiding sunken treasure?!  Let's go!

AquaBen: You take those two, Topo!

AquaBen: This one looks like the ringleader!  I'll handle this guy.

Later on, AquaBen assists some marine archeologists explore ancient Atlantis...

AquaBen: You might learn some interesting history by those gates, men!

AquaBen: Don't worry about the sharks, fellas!  I've got them under control
and keeping an eye out for any more scuba thieves!

Suddenly, there's an SOS call from the modern underwater city of Atlantis!

AquaBen: Alien monsters attacking the city!

AquaBen: Laugh now, Xoton!  You won't find it so funny when 
my Justice League pals and I foil your evil plans!

Afterwards, good has triumphed once again...

AquaBen: It seems a hero's work is never done, eh Topo?

BR: Wow, what a great dream!  I can't wait to tell Pete all about it.

Aquaman created by Paul Norris
Aquaman & Topo © DC Comics

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Be Mine

Marta: Hey Ravi, what are you doing?
Ravi: Making a Valentine's card.
Meghan: Oh? Who's it for?
Ravi: It's a surprise.
Holly Belle: Hmmm...

Meghan: What are you up to, Patrick?
Patrick: I'm making a Valentine.
Holly Belle: Why Patrick, you never struck me as the romantic type.

Patrick: >Ahem< Valentine's Day originated as an ancient feast day 
honoring several Christian martyrs named Valentine.  
It had no romantic connotations until Chaucer's poetry in the 14th century.
Holly Belle: >eye roll< Thank you, Wikipedia.

Holly Belle: Wow, who could have guessed that Mr. Logic would celebrate Valentine's Day.
Meghan: Or Ravi, for that matter.
Marta: Hmmm...I wonder...

Mikko: Patrick and Ravi?  Oh yeah, those two are crushing on each other big time.
Tyler: Didn't you know that, Hols?
Holly Belle No, I didn't know that!  How did I not know that??
I'm meant to know everything around here!  Don't call me 'Hols'.

Marta: Well, I think it's really sweet.
Tyler: It is.  Plus, it keeps all that nerdiness in one place.
Did you know they both actually like doing schoolwork?!?
Marta: What's wrong with that?  I like doing schoolwork.
Meghan: Yeah!  Learning is fun, you big doofus.

Holly Belle: I love school, except the whole thing about no talking in class.
I mean, can I help it if I have a lot of important things to say? 
Well, now at least we have that cleared up.  I just wonder how much else is going on around here that I don't know about.  Do I even want to know the answer to that question?

Mikko: >head shake<  Girls, I tell ya...
Tyler: Dude! You ate all the chips!